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Monday, 24 June 2013

How to look hot and stay cool this Summer

Well, this is my first "real" blog (arrrrh exciting!). The best way I could think to start my blog was to talk about my recent holiday to the South of France. We hired a beautiful house near Bergerac. It was totally isolated and miles away from civilisation. Ten years ago, this would have been my hell, no bars, clubs, people in general, but with a busy job and a small baby it was just heaven. I didn't have many opportunities to dress up, but as a girl who loves her clothes there was no way I was just going to slob around.
This was one of my favourite dresses. I bought it from Mango, along with a new statement necklace (one of many I bought as a birthday treat to myself!) fromTopshop. I rarely get to wear it as it is very "summery", light, made of silk, has a habit of flying up and flashing my knickers with even the hint of a bit of wind and it is a very bright coral colour. I adore coral. I would say, most definitely one of my fav colours. It's bright and bold and so, so pretty. It was a treat to get to get to wear it.
I'm not sure if you know about the culture in France, but I lived there for two years and know it quite well, and the norm is not to wear bright colours. I am sure that I will talk about this again many times later in my blogs as it is a real bug bear of mine, but basically it is a little frowned upon and it makes you "stand out" too much. So, as predicated I got a few raised eyebrows, but that did not put a damper on my love of the dress for me! :-)
This top was another holiday firm favourite. This was from my very own from Sugarhill Boutique. I also have this top as a dress. I bought it because of the amazing colour. I am a real colour girl. I very rarely wear black. Why wear black when there are so many beautiful, inspiring colours out there? Mint is a great summer colour. It looks fab with a tan and I think particularly complements blonde hair colour. It is made of chiffon and has a cross over back which is a little cheeky and shows your tanned back off. I wore this top a few times as it went well with little skirts, denim shorts, jeans or maxi skirts. I wore it with a chunky faux silver Topshop necklace.

The rest of the clan! Scarlett wearing a "Pepper Pig" jumper in 32 degree heat! (She insisted!) and my lovely Ian.

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