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Thursday, 31 October 2013

#BritishBloggerSelection- Halloween Fashion


A quick cheeky post to celebrate the theme Halloween for part of #BritishBloggerSelection

I popped to Asda today to get Scarlett a costume as she was the only child at nursery without one, I felt like such a terrible mum! Asda was more horrendous that it normally was. I forgot that not only was it Halloween, but it was also half term…just to take it that little more un-bearable that it normally it.

I managed to find the cutest little black and green witch dress for Scarlett with a flashing light built into the dress (how cool) and a glow in the dark mask. I noticed that it had a small resemblance to one of the shops Yumi dresses. So, what a perfect time to introduce it. This Yumi, sleeveless black and green dress, has a detailed lace bodice and black chiffon layers with a slightly longer back. This is the perfect, affordable, sexy, dress up dress.
Take advantage of our Halloween offer, get 10% off until midnight tonight when you enter the code TREAT at checkout.
Enjoy your Halloween!!!

Halloween by scarlettsfb featuring Yumi

Yumi clothing

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Making sports wear fashionable-Guest Blog

We typically associate sportswear with running, going to the gym or playing actual sports. But, with endless quirky fashion trends, sportswear is actually creeping into our everyday wardrobes. Fashion trends come and go, and sometimes come back around!
Lets take a look at running shoes, created initially for runners, as the name suggests. But you may notice up and down the high streets on a busy Saturday morning endless pairs of fabulously colourful running shoes, teamed with little frilly socks, to add a girly touch. And it doesn't stop there, todays fashion trends see’s trainers worn with skirts, dresses, shorts and pretty much anything else that looks funky! Who’d have thought that style could be so comfortable?
Another relaxed style garment is harems and leggings. A modern wardrobe essential, if you ask me! Leggings are suspiciously similar to yoga pants, a feminine piece of sportswear. Skin tight, elasticated, cotton leggings are amazingly versatile, and not only are they everyday wardrobe essentials, many people wear them to work out in as well!
The classic polo shirt, often worn in school P.E. lessons among other sporting activities is quite masculine. But in recent trends the feminine peter pan collar blouses and tops have similarities to polo shirts. Perhaps a more stylish twist as colours and patterns are very diverse.
With vintage styles taking over fashion, another sporting classic is the track jacket. Very vintage and ever more popular to wear over stone wash denim, dresses and of course some running shoes!
As well as sportswear slowly making its way into our everyday outfits, sportswear itself is always evolving to be trendy. The vast range of colours available from trainers, to hoodies and tracksuit bottoms, you can be co-ordinated and cool at the gym or conjure up a wacky colourful outfit for running in the evenings.
Fashion comes in many shapes and sizes and people are constantly looking of ways to be unique and original. Developing existing styles into something else is a creative way of making a statement. There are a lot of outrageous clothing designs nowadays which gives people the confident to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.
Emily Matthews works in ecommerce at Sports Direct. After graduating in design she now creates blogs and social media content specialising in sportswear, jackets and coats, collaborating with fashion bloggers to advice and discuss topics relevant to this category. For more information you can visit the sports direct website  Sports

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What to wear for work?

Office FashionWinter Work OUtfits

Ahhh, what to "wear to wear?" to work is a common morning dilemma in most women's household. How to find the perfect balance in women's work wear between business and casual. Finding the right work outfit is hard! You want to certainly appear professional, but want to keep your femininity and style. The last thing you want to do if dress to provocative, but you still want to look nice and be admired by your peers. So, how do you find a office attire that is cute, yet smart, professional, but not boring?
I have picked this outfit that I think fits all of these categories! This Paper Dolls black and white asymmetric dress ticks every box. It has the trendy half peplum style with an uber modern asymmetric, monochrome edge. Black and white is conservative enough for the work place, but the funky white lines give it a "je ne said quoi". The dress fits beautifully, nipping you in at the waist, enough not to show anything and appear to be flaunting your body, but extenuating your curves at the same time. Paper Dolls is from the Little Mistress brand. It is aimed at a slightly older customer i.e. late twenties, early thirties. All of the clothes fit nicely at the knee and are figure hugging, without "letting it all hang out". I adore all of the Paper Dolls range, it is a fantastic range if you are looking for smart, yet sexy. I have matched this with a simple pair of ballet pumps, giving an air of practicality in the office and not portraying the woman "tottering about" in high heels. This amazing Missco Girl block colour satchel (Lalya) adds a splash of autumnal colour. The satchel is just the most amazing bag to go with everything, any time, day to night. There are many versions now, all inspired by the Cambridge Satchel Company.
The Paisie summer forest necklace finished the look off with it's multi coloured beads and gold chain.

Do you have your winter work wear wardrobe ready?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Autumn bags

What is the perfect AW bag?

As you all know, my first passion is clothes. My second great love is bags. I ADORE bags. Always have done since I was a little girl. I can see that this love has been inherited by Scarlett. She has to have a little bag with her at all times, whether it be a pink Peppa satchel, or blue version of George (if you're a mummy you'll know what I'm talking about) or a simple shopping bag. You can see that the pleasure it gives her as she carries "her possessions" around with her. Her little world in a carrier bag.

Scarlett enjoying the Trafford Centre
We have a quirky range of unique Autumn bags from Missco Girl, a US brand who only recently started selling in the UK. I was instantly drawn to them as they are all so individual in style and colour. The quality is second to none, making them look far more expensive than they actually are.

The Satchel



The Satchel is the signature style of Missco Girl, but the styles and colour adapt to the new season. This AW is no exception. Missco have their classic style with Autumnal colours. They are a fantastic size, even big enough for me with all the "mummy" essentials I need. They add colour to any outfit and are a great accessory to any work outfit or even for a night out on the tiles, giving a preppy look. These satchels are a this season MUST, and at £49, I think very reasonable.

The Tote

Tote in Black

Tote in Mustard

Tote in Purple

The simple Tote in purple, mustard and black, perfect Autumn colours. The Tote is classic, simple, sophisticated and elegant. It's simplicity makes it easy to be worn with any item from your wardrobe, the bright colours add a splash of colour to your winter clothes.  All totes priced at £42.

The Clutch

Foldover Clutch 

How cute is this foldover Twistlock clutch in mustard? It can be used as a shoulder bag for day use and quickly transformed into a funky foldover clutch by night. The twistlock keeps your belongings safe and makes it easy to open and shut. The colour once again reflects the beginning of autumn. Not bad at just £34? (also available in purple)

The cross body bag

Cross body bag

Finally, this cross body zip bag in navy is sooo quirky. It has magnetic corner to keep everything safe. It has a "secret" zip compartment at the front, I don't know about you, but I love compartments in bags! I really love the quilted effect on the front, which almost looks vintage look. Another great classic for your wardrobe, £42.

Hope you like this small selection of my favourites, if you want to see the full range, please check out all of our great bags and purses online.

Friday, 25 October 2013

How to become trendy

Guest Blog

I am very happy to introduce my first guest blog by the fashion enthusiast, Jasmine. She explains how we can all become trendy:-) I will be publishing a few more guest posts in the next week or two. If you would like to guest post for me, please get in touch!

How to Become Trendy

Hello Everyone! This is Jasmine from I am very thankful to Karen for allowing me to contribute a post on her blog. Today I am going to share how to become trendy & fashionable. Hopefully you will find this post helpful. You can follow me on Twitter or Google +.
You must have heard a lot about fashion on the television, Internet and from your friends, but is that enough to be fashionable? It might help a few people, but overall it is extremely difficult to apply such things in life and become stylish like a Hollywood celebrity.

Before looking to become fashionable yourself, you need to be aware of what fashion actually is. When you ask this question to the people around, they will tell you that fashion is what most of the stars worldwide do. Their dressing, lifestyle, footwear and all of the other things they do in professional and personal life is considered to be fashion.
However, this is a wrong perception, as being fashionable does not mean to copy others no matter how popular they are. You have to create your own style and go for things that suit you more than your favourite celebrities.
Some people are so much obsessed that they even go for expensive facial surgeries to look like their favourite personality. Is this what fashion is all about? I don’t think so, as this is just an attempt to look like another person, who is famous for being original. If you wish to copy something, it should be the originality.
Fashion is about being who you are. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is assess your body, features and hair. This will give you an idea of what things to adopt and what to leave. For example, long hair won’t suit you in case you have got a broad face cut. So, make sure that you have arranged your hair properly. 

Similarly, the dressing has to be decided according to your physique. If you have put on some weight, it would not be ideal for you to opt for skin-fitting clothes. Instead, you should look for loose wear that will make you look better. No matter what you wear, remember that it has to be worn in a stylish manner. Your way of carrying things will make you fashionable rather than putting on all of the expensive stuff.
In case you have got a special cut skirt with a bold pattern, try wearing a plain tee in order to make the skirt appear more prominent. Go for stylish footwear that is trendy such as garage shoes have got great collection of trendy shoes. You can opt for tall boots during the winter or fall whereas you will get plenty of options during the summers.

Once you have decided your hair, footwear and clothes, you then have to go for the makeup, which has to complement the former two things. Once again, you have to be original and copying others will not do any good to you. Try not to overdo anything and if you have a fair complexion; only mascara will do the trick for you.
However, you can apply a bit more makeup if you are going to a wedding or any other party where you feel that makeover is important. Add in some jewelry as well just in order to appear more graceful. A gold or silver necklace would suffice, but you can look for a few more things that are in fashion.

Accessories are optional, but carrying a bag would make you look more fashionable. There are plenty of cool handbags available in the market, but a black leather bag will definitely look more dashing. Other than a bag, you should also look at a few more accessories available at Scarlett Fashion. My personal favourite is a scarf, as it makes you look vivacious.
Finally, you have to be beautiful from the inside to attract people towards you. No matter how much trendy you become or whatever your lifestyle is, you will be unable to impress others if you are not attractive at heart. Clothes, footwear, accessories and makeover will only make your outside more attractive, but that is not what really makes a difference at the end of the day. Set new standards of fashion by decorating your inner self and feel the difference.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Outfit Ideas

A little inspiration

The weather has now well and truly turned. The rain has set in and this weekend we see the clocks change, so we can wave bye bye to any day light until next year. I don't know about you, but the grey, dull, rainy weather really affects me. Perhaps I have a mild case of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). As it gets colder it really affects my skin, any post summer colour has well and truly faded and my skin starts to look a little dull. So, what every woman needs is a "shopping pick me up!" I have picked a simple, yet stylish outfit which is practical and snug, but with a flash of colour to brighten everything up!


Hana wears this fab Yumi Aztec jumper. This oversize knit is so fluffy and warm, it just makes you want to snuggle up in it and have a large hot chocolate! A bit of a steal at £39 I think.
I have teamed this up with a simple pair of Yumi leggings in black with a leather panel down each side. A chunky pair of boots, essential for the bad weather! This amazing bright Tote in mustard, just adds a splash of sun to the outfit and makes a real statement. I finish the outfit off with this really quirky scarf by Yumi with the face of a fox, this comes in red and mustard and has been massively popular, so much so that they are currently sold out! But are available to back order. I think this will be a firm favourite in many people's stockings this Christmas.

Let me know your shopping pick me ups!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ciao-a coffee moment

Italian Life

A visual post from me today. When I was in Italy I took time to take in the beautiful surroundings. I slipped into the Italian way of life by enjoying several espressos in some quaint cafes. Italy reminds me of one of my closest friends Lia, who sadly ended her own life two years ago at the age of 30. There are various reasons surrounding it, but it still baffles me as she was one of the most vivacious people I have ever met. So full of  life. I lived with Lia at university. She was a little plump and a real toy boy. After uni she lost alot of weight and really found her true "Italian Style". She turned into such a fashionista and loved to spend at Prada, LV and Chanel. I could not help but have many thoughts about Lia whilst I sipped on my espresso and took in the surroundings.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Scarlett wears Yumi at Lake Como

Lake Como

Italian Style

This is a delayed post from my recent trip to Italy. As you may know, we left our suitcase in the lift at the hotel with our keys and camera in it. TNT took more than ten days to finally sent the case back. Happily, I now have my camera back, so I can share some of my pictures with you.

Ian and I were working at Lake Como. We are lucky enough to have one of our main customers by Lake Como:-) We also had other customers in Turin we needed to see. As one could see us one week and the other could only see us the following week, we had no alternative but to stay the weekend...gutted! I thought I would take the opportunity to take a few pictures and share it with you. The majority of our business trips are industrial estates in the rough suburbs of a city. We very rarely get chance to see anything, however, this was an exception and we actually had a little time.

I like Italian style. It stands out from the rest of Europe. Countries such as France, who are famous for chic style, in my opinion are very dull. They are scared to stand out from the crowd and stay safe. They wear dark colours which blend in with the crowd. Italians are different. They are ostentatious. They wear what they want and behave how they want. I am not saying that I like their style, but I respect the fact that they enjoy to dress. They like to stand out. They are not scared to make a statement. For me, Italy is my favourite place to people watch. I adore to watch the over sized sunglasses,  the handbag pooches and the leather tans. They take pride in their appearance, even if they often get it wrong. Although, who is to say this is wrong?
I like the fact you can wear whatever you want in Italy and no one will bat an eye lid.

What I wore

We headed out for the day to Bellagio. A beautiful small town on the lake. It is famous as the second home of George Clooney, although I have yet to see him! Despite the vast number of tourists, it keeps it's rustic, chic, Italian charm. It oozes style, sophistication and is bursting with character. I decided to make an effort for our day trip.

We stopped off for a cheeky glass of Presecco in the warm sunshine. It was a lunchtime drink, which I rarely do as it always goes straight to my head and I'm exhausted for the rest of the day, but hey, when in Rome...

My dress was new. It was an emerald green Yumi dress with gold bird detail. I loved it straight away as it was very different from anything I had seen. I loved the mix of emerald green with gold detail, to give an almost royal look. It has a granddad colour and 3/4 length sleeves. The dress rests on the knee with a chiffon overlay and thing, brown leather belt.

If  you love this dress find it online for just £45.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Aeroville Paris, my worst shopping experience ever!

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that I am a shopping addict. I feel a draw from shops like a magnet. It is boarder line an addiction. I cannot leave a shopping centre without a purchase. If I can't find anything, I feel as though I've failed and feel a genuine sadness, which is slightly dis concerting. 
I am currently in Paris. It sounds glam, but it is far from that. I am working at an automotive show selling Power Tools. This is my current view 

You can see that the Asian gentleman is about to take his own life. I can emphasise. It is as dull as it comes, and just to make it even more intolerable I am missing Scarlett terribly, she is at home with my mum and dad. So, you can imagine my excitement when it was suggested that we visit the opening event of a new shopping centre opening nearby called Aeroville. It tempted me with the excitement of 200 new shops, restaurants and bars. It started at 8 and finished at midnight. I took Ian and my three other colleagues off to the opening event. It started badly when we were forces to queue for 45 minutes for a taxi outside the exhibition. The show finished at 7, so you would think logically that there would be a drove of taxis waiting for the guests and exhibitors to leave. Not one! It was painful. A few sneaked to the front with weak stories of late flights and injured backs. Finally, we jumped to a taxi driven by a Chinese older lady. She  seemed nervous, which made me nervous. She asked me several times for directions, as a non Parisian citizen I clearly wasn't very helpful, but high disgruntled as I watched the meter go up.

As we arrived at the enormous, modern, space ship style shopping centre, we found our self grid locked. We could just see a stream of red lights through the pouring rain. Ian looked un impressed. I started to think perhaps this wasn't the best idea after a 10 hour day at the show. I hadn't anticipated how many people would be attending. Too late now, we were well and truly grid locked! When we finally arrived inside the shopping centre, we were greeted by a rather angry looking French lady, who clearly did not want to be there. The shopping mall halls were crammed with excited shoppers. Some of the shops were not even ready yet, with staff still stacking shelves. The centre was pristine with large, beautiful shops with amazing displays and inviting offers. Some if my favourite shows were the large Kinko make-up shop ( check this out online, it's an amazing Italian cheapy make-up shop), Sephora, Pull and Bear and Berska. All favourites of mine. It's hard to shop when you have an angry faced husband and two Taiwanese colleagues in tow. We decided to head straight to the restaurants and bars. As we approached the Food Court area it was almost impossible to move for the number of people. It was horrendous. I felt claustrophobic and sick. I was really regretting this idea. 
The restaurants looked beautiful. A wide selection of restaurants and bars from around the world. Unfortunately, they were all closed:-( With hungry tummies, and all feeling very exhausted we decided to cut our loses and head back to the hotel.
I can't quite find the words to describe the chaos that was going on outside. The logistics of this huge venture clearly had not been thought out. Not a taxi in sight, a crowd of angry French people and general mayhem. After 50 minutes of queueing for a taxi, we started to walk up to the main road. Not easy in my 4inch boots, in the dark, on muddy un even path. We finally arrived on a bi-pass and realised it was too dangerous to continue walking, so we turned around and walked all the way back. Now at the end of the queue... Un- impressed...
Close to midnight we got back to the hotel. Exhausted, hungry, fed up with very sore feet! 
Despite the amount of money spent on this chic shopping mall on the outskirts of Paris and the reasonably impressive shops, the horrendous organisation has put me off ever putting my foot back in this shopping centre. For me to refuse to go shopping, it must have really been a bad experience!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What is Indie fashion?

What is Indie Fashion?

Indie style seems to be adopted by every generation at some point. For me, I was a massive fan of Blur. At their peak I was about 16. I adored their music, their style, everything about them. These were the two wardrobe essential that I could not live without:

The velvet blazer

The perfect finish to any Indie outfit. This 90s Indie favourite was probably most commonly wore by Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. He wore it skinny as they came.

The Doc Martins


Cherry red was always a favourite, although I had black denimn. Equally as Indie, equally as cool:-)

The word Indie is obviously from the word Independence, which indicates a sense of indiviuduality and style. I am not sure if really this is the case as most Indie styles are copied from bands and then repeated through the crowds. However, it is a movement which says relevant.

Hana, my wonderful model for the day, kindly models some of my favourite current Indie outfits.

Hana's outfit 1

Sugarhill decadence blouse in navy

B Young pink jeans
see above


Hana looks fab in B Young skinny pink jeans and Sugarhill decadence blouse. This quirky navy blouse hangs slightly lower at the back and has the funky chandelier pattern which is really symbolic of the Sugarhill brand. The jeans, simple and skinny.

Hana's outfit 2

I like to call this outfit "hug in a jumper". Hana wears a size 8 of this Yumi jumper, but it's oversize style, still makes you able to snuggle up in this knit, like a pussy cat in front of the fire. It's funky Aztec pattern, give it an Indie edge that's quirky and cute. She wears this with the same B Young pink, skinny jeans.

Yumi Aztec snug jumper

Hana's outfit 3

Yumi Tapestry Skater Dress with B Young black leather jacket 

This feminine skater dress looks super girly dressed with a biker leather jacket gives it a funky edge. A great Autumnal outfit.

So what is Indie fashion? I don't think we can define it. It changes through every generation. Indie style is often a reflection of the music at the time. It represents a longing to be individual and independant.

I'd love to see your favourite Indie styles:-)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

I LOVE FASHION Blogger competition

I thought it was about time that I held my first Blogger competition! Follow me on Blog Lovin or Google, when I hit 200 followers I will give away this beautiful, quirky bright pink doctor's bag.

I think this super cute bag is the perfect accessory to brighten up any outfit!

In order to win this bag, please
  • Follow me on Blog Lovin or Google
  • Leave a comment below with your e-mail address, so that I can contact you

Winner will be announced 19th October


Scarlett looks at Vintage trends

Firstly, apologies for the for lack of posts. I have been working in Italy for a week. We have been visiting customers in Milan and around Lake Como. Sounds very glam, not quite the case, but I'm not complaining, I had a little more time on this trip than usual. I was hoping to catch the end of Milan Fashion Week, no such luck though!
I collected some pictures whilst I was away to share with you and wanted my next couple of blog posts to be based on Italian style, what I wore, what I saw etc, but unfortunately travelling home we had the day from hell. It started early, which does not suit me anyway. We were stressed trying to get to the airport during Bergamo rush hour, when Ian, in a stressed state drove into the curb at a little more force than perhaps he should have done, resulting in an exploding tyre:-( This led to an even more stressed Ian, who in his panic accidentally left one of our suitcases in the hotel. Unfortunately, in our hurry we did not realise this until we were checking in. We had no  idea where the suitcase was and eventually decided that it had been stolen at the side of the road whilst changing the tyre. We tried to recall what was in the case, hmm, just some clothes, not the end of the world. We had a moment of horror when we realised that actually the car keys were in it (the car was at Manchester airport), the house keys and our camera! Fortunately, we received a call from the hotel saying that the case had been found, phew! However, we are still waiting for it to be returned. Until now, it is still sat in a lobby in a hotel in Bergamo...with my camera! So, the Italy posts are postponed until we see the return of the missing case!
In the meantime, I thought that I would look at Vintage fashion.

I adore Vintage inspired clothes. They are so feminine and ooze elegance and sophistication. Many fashions come and go, but vintage trends are timeless and classic. For a woman they can make you feel quite glamorous in a world where it is the norm for women to dress like men. They also give you a sense of quality. Nowadays, they are quite quirky and very on trend.
One of my favourite vintage inspired brands is Miss Patina. Miss Patina is a reasonably small collection that it not that well known, yet does have a massive following. Miss Patina has recently opened a store up in China, due to the huge success that it had with it's Chinese clientele. I believe that this is due to it's feminine, girly style which is popular in the Asian culture. Miss Patina clothing is vintage with a modern twist.

Queenie and the dew

Sally, from London demonstrates this so well in this Miss Honey white lace dress which she ingeniously dresses up with rocker black boots and bright red lipstick, giving a very feminine girly dress a real biker edge.

Here are some other favourites of mine:

Jackie O Dress
This was one of my summer favourites. As predicted it sold out very quickly. I lived in this most of the season. It was perfect for any occasion, but I often wore it for work as it was easy, practical, smart and uber chic. I loved the "frenchness" about it. I felt like I should have been walking down the banks of the Seine every time I wore this!

Dolly Lama Dress

This feminine number is just so PRETTY! I think this is the only word to describe it. It is just so girly. It will clearly never go out of style.

I am very excited to be currently picking out my choices for the autumn/winter collection. The problem is I like them all! This is un-doubly the best part of the job, it's like a mad spending spree, I just have to remember it's not just for me! I will admit the only issue I have with Miss Patina is the clothes are not made for the larger lady, which I think is a real shame, they are all so pretty, everyone should be able to enjoy them.

Seeing as I am in a "Vintage mood" I have put together a little day outfit which I think it just fab. It cries vintage, but it also has a modern, sophisticated edge to it:

Yumi vintage dress

Gemma wears vintage cream Yumi dress

What are your favourite vintage trends?

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