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Sunday, 22 June 2014

OOTD my pineapple maxi dress

Ian is working away in Bulgaria this week, so Scarlett and I have been having a bit of girls time. Yesterday was  a beautiful sunny day here in Lancashire so we thought that we'd take advantage of our new garden and have some mummy and Scarlett time. 

Scarlett wore her friend's super cure tutu, which she refused to take off all day. She is such a girly girly and loves anything pink! I have no idea where she gets it from! I chose this Maxi dress with pineapple print . It's by Sugarhill Boutique. I am a major Sugarhill fan, but this particular season has been epic and I have adored almost everything. 

This dress has a real bohoo feel to it. Extra long and loose, but nipped in at the waist with keyhole detail to the back and front. I love the large pineapple print it really gives you that holiday vibe!
I love easy "throw on" dresses like this, especially in the summer. You don't have to worry about tights, which underwear to wear so that you don't get a VPL, wearing high shoes or even accessories. Great for a festival, as I won't be attending any festivals this summer I'll be packing it in my suitcase this weekend when I head off to France for my holidays:-)

Friday, 20 June 2014

Fancy a sneaky peek around my new pad?

Home sweet home

If you read my blog you'll know that we recently moved. As moves go, it hasn't been too stressful, but I think sub-consciously it is more stressful than perhaps you realise. We haven't moved too far away, Scarlett is still able to go to the same pre school and hang around with all of her buddies, but we just felt that we were out growing out of old house. There were toys every where, no storage and it was too close to the road with a two year old so we found this house and it fitted the criteria perfectly.

I think this is my favourite room, the kitchen. It's just got loads of space, so we can cook, eat and spend time together. I also love having friends over for diner, so it's perfect for "entertaining!".

The sun room is a new extension, it's so light and airy perfect for summer!

The sun room

One of the main reasons we moved was to have more outdoor space for Scarlett and to be away from the road. This is now the view from our back door. Nice and peaceful:-)

I finally have a dressing table. It's taken me to the age of 35, but I am now the proud owner of a dressing table!

This is the living room, which is on the second floor. It does feel odd having your sitting room upstairs, but to be honest we haven't used it yet as we are living in the sun room. I guess this is more for winter. It's still a little bare.

Hope you enjoyed a little insight into my new abode. I know that everyone likes a good nosey, I sure do!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

Apologies for the silence recently. Work is very stressful at the moment, things aren't going great and we are really having to do everything we can to get sales up. Ian is stressed to high heaven and that along with the move, it has been a stressful couple of weeks, so I just have had no time for blogging....boooo. Ian is off to Bulgaria tomorrow for a week working, so my nights will be free to blog a little more.

This week has been my birthday "Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!" No big milestone, nor anything to get excited about, I turned 35. I know it sounds so old! More to the point, it sounds so grown up! I still think that I am about 14 in my head and sometimes I feel naughty driving cos really I'm not old enough! So how on earth did I get to 35??? That means that I am on the count down to 40! geeeessssss I am not freaking about my age, just genuinely shocked at how I got here so quickly. I am sure that when I do hit 40 I will have a bit of a meltdown, but that is still a little while off. I really hope that I don't get too hung up on my age, and getting old in general, but I have a feeling that I will. Generally you follow your mother's behaviour and my mother has chosen not to get old. She despises getting old to the point where she often doesn't want to go out. Now, my mother looks amazing, she really does, but she just can't stand the fact she is not in her 30s anymore. I hope that I don't go down the same path, but I don't think I will take too well to the ageing process.

Anyway, the sun was shining so I decided to have a chilled day with my BFF, Scarlett. We had lunch and ice-cream and then Scarlett discarded all of her clothes and played naked in the garden.

Scarlett bought me some fab Wayfarers. I have been lusting after a pair for ages, but thought that it was a little un-necessary as I am already the proud owner of some classic Jackie O's and super stylish Aviators, so a third pair seemed a bit extravagance, but Scarlett (with a little help from her daddy) treated me to these bad boys. Limited edition cream and black Wayfarers. The timing is just perfect with the sun shining.

My mum also treated me to these stunning Michael Kors sun wedge shoes. I just love them and they are perfect for summer. I think I am going to wear them to death!

My friends bought this classic sent Chanel Mademoiselle. So that I always smell nice!

I bought myself  some mini bottles of Champagne which we enjoyed in the garden followed by a scrummy meal at one of my favourite places Mitton Hall

Happy Days!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

ASOS MARKETPLACE, here we come!

As you know I also have my little clothing website which keeps me busy! As much as we love to sell online, we thought it would be great to "spread the word", so we are now selling on Amazon, soon to be PLAY and Asos marketplace. Asos is without doubt the one that excites me most. I have spent hour after hour drooling over their epic collections and soon we will be show casing the best of Scarlett Fashion, hoorrayyy!!! ASOS are quite specific about their guidelines, which is fair enough, it means every Tom, Dick and Harry can't just sell on there. Instead you see a vast range of distinctive, professional boutiques. They ask for the photos to be clean, to the point and show the best of the product. So we booked it in the diary to take a few cheeky pics to see how it would go. Unfortunately, the day of the photoshoot the heavens opened and it was the day from hell. As a tough Northern girl, we decided not to let the weather spoil it and braved the harsh rain.

A few examples of how the pics turned out. We have now decided that some of the pictures look a little dark, so are going to give it another go in the near future when the sun is shining.

Look out for us on ASOS Marketplace!

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