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Friday, 27 December 2013

My Winter Wonderland Coat

I decided to treat myself to another new coat. I just love coats. I have far too many, but I like to have colours and styles to match my outfit and my mood! I came across this pretty pink beaut in Topshop and wanted it so much, but couldn't justify another coat and more to the point, I couldn't hide another coat from Ian. Then last week during a horrific Xmas shopping expedition for last minute pressies I saw it again and thought, what the hell and bought myself a Christmas present:-)

Pink fuffy swing coat from Topshop

This coat is from Topshop, who just seem to be getting better and better. I am loving their style at the moment. This pink, fluffy swing coat is quite sixties which I just adore. It is uber cute and girly especially when teamed up with a simple bobble hat. I feel like a real little snow princess in my new fluffy coat!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Monsoon Accessorize

Monsoon Accessorize

Monsoon Accessorize by scarlettsfb featuring animal print purses

Fancy adding a bit of bling to your LBD? I have teamed up a great mix from Accessorize. 
I have been shopping at Accessorize for as long as I can remember, what I like about them is they keep up with the times and don't stick to "safe". I LOVE statement pieces. I tend to use large accessories to make an outfit. The more simple the outfit, the more I tried to go to town with the accessories. I have picked these few items which I think would be perfect for the festive season. Large, bold earrings teamed with a chunky gold and faux diamond statement necklace. The clutch just adds a contrast to it all adding a splash of colour with a bit of edge.
I think you'll agree, it is a bit of a winner:-)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My beauty treatments-a Xmas gift to me!

Well, I am finally on a well deserved break from work, yippppeeeeeeee! I can't say I have done very much yet. A little more Christmas shopping, a few runs, but just trying to wind down. I have also started reading this book;

"The busy girl's guide to digital photography". This is a new interest of mine, I guess since I started my blog. I realise how important photos are in a blog. The content, ofcourse, is key, but people love to look a high quality, beautiful images. I really have no idea about taking pictures, in fact never had much interest, but since I have been snap happy for my blog, I have found that I actually have a real passion for it. I'm not sure that I'm any good, but if you enjoy something, who cares? I actually got this book from my colleague at work for Christmas and was a little bit naughty and opened it early:-) But I am over the moon with it. I just wish I had more time to read it! It is just perfect for me, I just don't have the time or the patience to read through a heavy going, technical book on how to take pictures, but this looks simple and easy to follow. I can't wait to see the results!

Today, I also decided that a facial treatment was well over due. Again, I just don't have the time to pamper myself the same way that I did pre Scarlett, so as she is still in nursery, I took advantage and treated myself to A Derma eye lift with Crystal clear eye mask at Karma Beauty,  a local beautician. The treatment is a non surgical eye lift, with micro-currents of infinitely adjustable timed pulses and frequencies of a specifically chosen wave form that is gently applied through specially designed probes. Really, it should be done through a course for the maximum effect, but I can't commit to  that, so I tried a one off. It does hurt a little, but like they say "no pain, no gain". You can actually see the effects straight away, I look less tired, which is something that I have really been feeling for a while.
I followed this treatment with a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion, this is also known as the "lunch time peel". The treatment feels like small vacuums sucking at your skin, it does pinch a little, but nothing major. It is particularly good for  scars or pigmentation, which I suffer badly from since pregnancy. As all the blood is pumped to the surface of the skin, it gives you an instant glow. By far my favourite treatment:-)

 So, the week so far is going well! I am looking forward to getting dressed up and having a few parties, seeing my family and spending some quality time with Scarlett!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

My work's party dresses

The work's party


Yipee! Friday was my last day at work until 3rd January! I haven't had such a long break in years, so I am super excited. It was also the evening of our work's party. Ian doesn't normally go in for the party, but as one of my closest friends, Jo, has joined the company, she was organising it, so we thought we'd get a babysitter and head out for the night.

Jo had made a special effort and had her hair dyed a lovely chocolate colour and put up in a stylish side do. I very rarely do anything with my hair, it is one area that I am very scared about changing. I have had the same hair since I was about 13. 

We decided to make a bit of an effort, as two mummys , it is a rare that we get the chance.

Jo and I tried to have our picture taken on several occasions, but couldn't keep a straight face. I'm not sure if it was because we felt a little daft, or the fact this was after several hours of drinking!

Posing for the camera

A little earlier on in the night

Scarlett popped down to join the party

Jo's dress

Jo wore this stunning, classic red Yumi lace dress. This has been extremely popular. I think it's due to the flattering shape and length. It elegantly reaches the knees(except on Jo as she is mega tall!) and discreetly covers the tops of the arms. The festive colour makes it perfect as a Christmas dress.

My dress

I wore this grey Little Mistress dress with silver detail around the halter neck. It has subtle layers down the dress. I am a big fan of halter necks. I think they show off the best of your decolletage. I had fake tanned up, so bravely showed my skin off! The dress is fitted and not too short, but I still wore it with black tights and Kurt Geiger ankle shoes.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

How to start your own blog and do it sucessfully!

A really helpful guest post by Angela...
How To Start Your Own Fashion Blog and Do It Successfully

One of the most popular blogs, when it comes to categorizing them on the basis of niche areas, are fashion blogs. Every individual with some knowledge and little interest in Fashion thinks about setting up a fashion blog. However, most of these attempts fail because they do not know that you need a little more than the above-mentioned to run a fashion blog successfully.

Here are a few tips that can help you in your attempt and facilitate the success of your blog.

1.       Pay a good amount of attention on the layout and design of the blog. It is highly unlikely that anyone will read the content of your blog if the page is not visually appealing. Fashion is all about visual appeal and your blog must embody that to become successful.

2.       It is also important to decide in advance if the blog will be managed by a single person or multiple people. However, if you decide to involve, more people, then be sure that you are collaborating with people whom you can trust.

3.       Ensure that your blog gets a good and regular influx of posts. This is the reason why you may consider asking many people to post on your blog. However, if you are not a regular at posting then the blog will soon become boring, and people will not want to visit you.

4.       It is beneficial for you to understand that a blog will become successful only if you are able to give people the kind of content that they like to read. If you concentrate on your personal interests without researching about trends and what people are searching for, you may end up with content that no one shall read.

5.       Every time you update the blog, be sure to publicize it. Let people know that the blog has something new on offer. This is the only way you can ensure that people are attracted to the blog and not repelled by it. Besides, regularly update the blog with new designs and trendy graphics to refresh the look and feel of the blog.

6.       Vary the kind of posts and content that you put up on the blog. Specializing in a niche area is a good thing, but it also restricts your audience to people who are interested in that niche areas. In order to gain attention of a broad area of audience, it is important to have something for everyone.

7.       You can have the best graphics, content and overall blog design, but all of it shall go to waste if you do not popularize your blog in the right manner. People will visit your blog only if they know about it. Therefore, it is important to spread the word via any means of communication.

In addition to the above mentioned, ensure that you keep your blog alive with the latest flavors and trends in the market. Taking a break with the blog can cost you the blog. Moreover, personalize your blog and blog posts to incorporate your opinion. This builds trust and shall certainly improve your readership. Keep going, keep posting and there is no reason why you will not be able to succeed with your blog.       

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Lazy Sunday chunky Sugarhill knit

Baby, it's cold outside...

 There is a festive feel every where you go now. Love it or hate it, you cannot get away from this time of year. Dark mornings, dark evenings. It's time to get snuggled up and cosy and get some chunky knitwear.

Cute animal prints and "festive" jumpers are in every shop this year. If that look isn't for you, how about something simple and stylish and won't age.

I found this Sugarhill chunky cream knit. It is such an easy wear. It is fitted, which I really like, I hate to feel totally lost in a jumper, it's beautiful cream colour is so pretty and looks so "WinterWonderland". It's has pretty heart detail down the front and just goes with pretty much anything!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Introducing TFNC

I am always on the look out for a new brand and as it gets closer to Christmas there is more and more demand for party dresses. What better excuse is there to spoil yourself with a new dress for the festive period?

I got approached by TFNC as they thought the brand fitted well with our style and image. I was cautious at first, but I have to say I have astonished at how popular the dresses are. Most of the range has a real party vibe to it. All the clothes scream "take me out and party!". If you like glitz and glamour TFNC is the perfect range.
I always find it hard to choose as my taste is personal and I have to remember that I'm not just buying for my wardrobe, but at the same time I simply cannot buy something that I don't like, even if I think it may be popular. If it doesn't feel right, then I don't buy it. Therefore, all of the dresses have picked are very much "Karen taste". Let me show you a few:

The Elida Dress

This is called The London Elida dress for just £29.99. It's beautiful royal blue colour is very eye catching. It flatters a curvy shape, it's an all year round party dress.

Kristen Dress

Our lovely model wearing the Kirsten dress

This cheeky number has been the most popular so far. I think it's simple, flattering style appeals to all and the rich, gold wide belt adds that instant glamour. I have no doubt this will be a sell out very soon!

The Jessica Dress

The Tamara Dress

I adore lace, I am drawn to it like a magnet, so there's no surprise that I chose these two gorgeous black, lace dresses. Both are a great length and both are sexy in a subtle, elegant way. The ultimate LBD is always great for your wardrobe.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Does Social Media dictate Fashion?

Fashion and Social media

If you are reading this now, you are probably a blogger. As a fashion blogger I can guarantee that you will empathise with almost everything I say in this post.

Social Media

 As a society we are totally obsessed with social media. We cannot escape it. Our trusty smart phones comes with us everywhere! No one can deny it. Imagine now, leaving the house for the entire day and forgetting your phone? Are you filled with anxiety yet? Go on, think about it a little more…are you clutching your phone praying that such a thing will never happen? OK, maybe I am exaggerating slightly, but I bet you have felt some anxiety when forgetting your phone, or your battery dying whilst out. I realised how obsessed I was last week when the electricity went off at 7pm on Friday night. I was all set for Corrie and I’m a celebrity when we were plunged into darkness…it seemed quite funny at first as the whole village was dark and the room was romantically lit by the faint light of the fire. I was of course expecting it to go straight back on. The power cut lasted until 11.30, 4 and a half hours without Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or any other addictive app of which I check approximately once every 5-10 minutes. It soon dawned on us in a sad reality that we were so not used to making conversation anymore! It was at that point I thought, I have a social media addiction!

I am, by far, not as bad as many people. Not because I don't want to be, but I simply can't be, due to the fact I have a stressful full time job, a two year old and a husband. I simply cannot spend my life stuck to these apps. I know, however, that if my situation was different, this would not be the case. Our world is now a strange surrealism in which we know so many people and know the intimate goings on in their lives, see their personal family holiday pictures, but don't actually know them at all. We are all such aggressive observers that we are obsessed with other people's lives, what they are doing, what they are wearing. It is like a modern day, real life soap opera which we can tune into whenever we choose to see what is happening now.

In the past, fashion was dictated by designers, models and celebrities, in many respects it still is, but at a much faster pace. We can see a celeb wearing something on Instagram one day and it will be manufactured in a factory in China within 24 hours. High Street shops hungrily search the web for what is "trending" so that they can copy and send to the factory and have it on the store shelves in no time at all.
It does beg the question are we all being told what to wear rather than deciding for ourselves? Don't get me wrong, we are all influenced by others. I have my favourite fashion bloggers who I try to "steal" their look, but at least this is my choice. Shops like New Look and Top Shop push current trends onto us, chosen by the latest celebrity facebook image. Are we that easily manipulated that our style and taste can be decided for us? Are we that influenced by the media and celebrities that we follow like foolish sheep to the slaughterer which is the media world?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer all of the questions. I certainly cannot judge. I like nothing more that to nose through someone's Facebook page/Instagram and blog, why? I'm not sure, but I cannot help feel that maybe a few more power cuts might do me a bit of good.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Lingerie completes the outfit

An interesting guest post from Mary demonstrating how clothes can replaced by underwear:-)

Hi Mary!

Fashion Trend:  Lingerie as Clothes

Celebrities have been doing it for years.  Carrie Bradshaw made it look flawless and Courtney Love practically made a career out of it.  Other celebrities like Fergie, Lady Gaga and Rihanna have been seen sporting the look over and over again, even as evening wear.  Have you been able to guess the trend?  Lingerie as clothes or underwear on the outside.  If you’ve already dismissed the idea, you should give it another thought.  Many designers have already incorporated the trend into their fall and spring collections, so it’s not going away any time soon.  The curvier you are, the better the trend looks, so if you wear plus size bras, then this look just might be for you.

Lady Gaga, famous for her suggestive outfits

Slip Dresses

As mentioned earlier, Courtney Love made this look very popular in the 90’s during the height of the grunge era.  Love’s look is a bit too sexy for most since she typically wore lighter coloured nighties.  You won’t be able to walk into a department store this fall without seeing racks upon racks of more modern versions of this dress.  In some cases though you might not even have to look any further than your lingerie drawer.  To pull off this look tastefully, opt for a darker coloured slip dress, such as black or burgundy. It’s also important to watch the length of the dress since in many cases lingerie tends to be shorter.  Don’t be afraid to pair it with thick leggings, boots, and a chunky sweater coat.  The mixing of textures is a great way to add a bit of femininity to an otherwise bulky look.

Sheer Lace

If you’ve tuned into any recent red carpet event, then you’re likely to have seen this look.  Designers like Gucci, Michael Kohrs, and Dolce and Gabana have crafted beautiful sheer lace dresses and tops that celebrities can’t get enough of.  These fashions are to be worn with bras and panties that can be seen through the clothing.  In most cases these looks are for the very daring, but you can incorporate the look into your repertoire by opting for more modest versions that come with built in camisoles or slip dresses.  You will still get the beautiful effect of the sheer lace on your arms, neck, and back.

Peek-a-boo Blazers

A great way to turn a boring business blazer into a sexy evening look is to go for the peek-a-boo look.  This look is achieved by pairing any beautiful, preferably lacey, bra with a blazer.  Simply button the bottom of the blazer up, leaving just the top of your bra exposed.  Clearly the look of one of your most ornate plus size bras showing is not suitable for work.  This look should be saved for an evening out on the town with girlfriends or man in your life.

This hot fall and winter trend has something in it for everyone.  It’s a great way to showcase all of that beautiful lingerie you’ve collected over the years.  Just remember to pick a version of the trend that you’re comfortable with so that your confidence soars.

Thanks Mary!!!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sugarhill Beauty Blouse

How cute is this "Beauty Blouse" from Sugarhill Boutique?

I haven’t done an outfit of the day for a while, so Hana took a few sneaky shots of what I wore for the office today. It was a bit of a laid back look for the office I must admit, but I had a bad, bad morning! Scarlett woke early, spilt an entire bottle of Ribena on the floor and then proceeded to poo on the carpet. Oh the joys of potty training! She then blew her nose so much with toilet issue she blocked the toilet. Ian was also full of cold, so I was flying solo. I have a bit of a “foody week” , i.e. haven’t stopped eating, so I couldn’t face a dress. It was a jeans day.

Sugarhill Beauty Blouse in Cream and Mango jeans

I bought these jeans from Mango a couple of weeks ago, they are ├╝ber comfortable. Very loose fitting and such an easy wear. I dressed it up with this amazing Sugarhill Boutique purchase. It is part of the Christmas collection, only just out. It is so simple and elegant and goes well with jeans, trousers or dressed up with a pencil skirt. The fine beading detail gives it a Christmas party feel. It is such a pretty, delicate top. I love the elegant jewel detail that makes it so unique. It has moved away from the usual Sugarhill style, but kept as beautiful as ever. I finished the outfit off with a Mango black and grey pin stripe blazer and simple black court shoes.

We are heading off to view a house this evening, from the pictures it just looks amazing and will give us that extra space that we need, especially if we think about further additions in the future. There is a play room and a sun room for Scarlett, so I just hope it is as good as it looks. Will keep you posted!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

My mid week shopping pick me up

Do you ever feel sick of your look? Maybe it's the grim weather and the lack of day light, but today I felt like I needed a little retail pick me up. Scarlett is full of cold and coughing throughout the night, I have bags that I could do do my Asda shop in. My skin is dry and I feel washed out. So, I thought I would have a mid week treat. As I popped into Boots to get some medicine for Scarlett, I managed to grab these beauts. I love Barry M Gelly nail polishes. I have almost all colours now, so I thought that I would complete the collection. I bought Blueberry, Satsuma, Lychee and Plum. I also got these great glitter free polish. Bonus!

I also wanted to brighten my face up, so I invested in these two bright, matt lip sticks by SmashBox.

The colours, Electric Pink and Melondrama. They are very creamy, very matt and seem to be long lasting. They certainly are bright!

Staying with Smashbox, I was taken by this under eye lighter. It will be a miracle if it does the trick, but it does seem very light and has a illuminate colour which I love.

My colour frenzy didn't end there. I then "popped" into Topshop and came out with these purchases.

A pencil Tartan skirt. I have a bit of an obsession for Tartan at the moment, pencil skirts are a must and very flattering to me pear shape, so I had to buy this. The fluffy cropped plum jumper was it's perfect play mate.

This orange T'shirt dress is my fourth in this style. I currently have green, red, black and now orange. It is just so easy to wear. Great for work, shopping, day and night. As I feel the need for colour, this orange one just took my eye!

Finally, I bought this lime boyish light knit. Again, I just liked the colour and thought the style was easy to wear, especially with jeans or maybe a black pencil skirt.

I am quite impressed with my one hour shopping spree! I can't wait to get them on and start feeling a little brighter.

If anyone has any advice on how I can re vamp my style, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sugarhill Boutique/Yumi cute and quirky knitwear

Knits, knits, knits...

I don't know about everyone else, but I am freezing! The weather has most definitely turned and winter is here. It is time to put away your short sleeves and dig out your big, warm knits.
If you fancy investing in a few additions to your wardrobe I have a some suggestions.
Sugarhill boutique is a firm favourite of mine. It is a real quirky, unique boutique. Every season differs but their trademark which makes them unmistakably Sugarhill are the cute animals they use in designs. This Autumn/Winter is no exception. They have introduced a range of fitted knits all with a cute animal character.

The navy raccoon sweater is a uber cute. The raccoon goes around the side of the jumper showing it's tail on the back. Sugarhill Fairisle knit has a very Christmas feel. We have these seem these 80's inspired, retro Christmas jumpers everywhere this season. Has everyone got theirs ready for Christmas day??? This white, heart, chunky knit is fitted and a real classic. It still has a cutesy feel without the animal print. Finally, the Yumi Meercat jumper is hilarious and bound to get attention anywhere you go!

What's great about all of these jumpers is that they give you an excuse to dress like you did when you were a kid, when clothes were fun!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Scarlett Fashion Show

Autumn/Winter Scarlett Fashion Show

We were asked to do a fashion show to present all of our A/W collection locally. The models were all beautiful girls from a local dance company. We showed cosy knits, glam dresses and party clothes. We wanted to show a range of styles and brands, so we wore Yumi, Sugarhill Boutique, new brand TFNC and Little Mistress.

Sugarhill Love heart Dress
I love the buzz of fashion shows. The back stage excitement and the relief when it's all over!

Sugarhill Navajo dress in Beige

Paper Dolls cap sleeve dress in Plum

TFNC Kirsten dress

Sugarhill owl sweater

Sugarhill racoon knitwear
The girls looked great and it we loved showing off the clothes to local crowds.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Blogger Giveaway

Hi, I thought it was about time I did another give away. I have these gorgeous Givenchy lip glosses RRP £19 each to give away to a lucky blogger:-)
I know that is not strictly fashion related, but I am a girl and we all love make-up, especially when it's free!

So, what do I have to do to win this?

Simply follow my blog through whichever method you choose and write me a comment below. I will pick one at random on 29th November.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Guest Post Swap

I would like to thank Karen for having me on her blog today!  Our blogs couldn’t be more opposite (other than I sell some jewelry).  She writes about the most amazing fashion trends – clothing, shoes (oh…the wonderful shoes), and just everything that makes a fashionistas heart pitter patter.  I love to write about DIY and small businesses – being an entrepreneur is my passion.  However, today I’d like to share a little of my fashion (or lack-thereof) fun!
Oh fashion…how I love to hate you and hate to love you.  All my life the “model’s body” has eluded me.  Some may think it’s a blessing given that I ended up in the “well-endowed” category, but shopping for clothes simply stinks!  It’s hard to shop when you aren’t a model.
So, as a young teenager working in Charleston, SC {circa 1986} I jumped at the chance to participate in a small runway show for employees and press only.  The photos captured that day were used in the local newspaper to advertise the arrival of winter coats and jackets! In the dead of summer there I was modeling a winter coat!  

When my family moved back to Connecticut I started working at Filene’s (bought out years later by Macy’s, I believe) I spent a total of 7 years there, but the summer of 1989 I was given the opportunity to participate in their teen focus group which also gave us opportunities to model.  I had fun participating in a few mannequin modeling gigs where I was able to wear my favourite Esprit outfits and stand in the junior department pretending to be a model.  Do you know how hard it is to stand still while people are staring at you and trying to decide if you are real or not?  Or how hard it is to ignore a group of cute teenage boys staring at you and talking about you?  I admit, I came out of character when one boy hit me on the butt just to check to see if I really was a mannequin.
That same summer I agreed to do a little runway modeling in the mall.  They set up a runway just outside Filene’s and we were all given a few outfits to show off down the runway.  I have zero idea how and why I said “yes” to wearing a swimsuit.  Looking back at those photos I am amazed at the confidence that was shining through.  I like to think I’ve always been confident, but I haven’t really been that way when it comes to my body (in clothes).

My modeling days were short-lived (unless you count the times I modeled nude for my friend’s art studio and a local college – sorry can’t share those pictures online).  I had a lot of fun and I’d surely do it again if a 5’1 ½” size 14 were all the rage in the fashion world!  Thank goodness for headshots – where anyone can look beautiful!

I hope you will come visit me over at GeminiRed Creations –

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