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Sunday, 7 December 2014

My Chloe coat & Dionne dress-OOTD

The Winter Coat

There is a chill in the air, dark nights, the never ending Christmas CD that they have been playing since about 1990. Time to wrap up. I am not really one for dark colours, so this pretty pastel pink Chloe Coat is my type of coat. It is not really an ideal colour for a mum with small children, but it is surprisingly "dirt proof". The blended wool mix, make it reasonably difficult to mess up.

I am not a massive fan of winter. I don't like going to work in the dark and getting home in the dark. I hate being cold and I dislike being restricted to the indoors. However, I do enjoy buying a new coat every season (or two) and varying my colours.

My coat cupboard
As you can see I have one or two coats. I just love buying them. What better way to "make" an outfit than with a great coat? I do have classic black coats, but I enjoy making a statement with a real splash of colour. Why be dull?

The Winter Dress

The Dionne Dress
I have had alot of wear from this "easy to chuck on" skater dress. It just seems ideal for pretty much any occasion. It is a favourite for work for me, but It's perfect for a night out with heels or dressed down with chunky boots. The wine colour gives it a real wintry/Christmas feel.

More pictures than text today, sorry feeling very hired and my head isn't working as quickly as it should. We had our Christmas work party last night. One too many me thinks.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


I have just been over to visit a new potential visit in Milan. I know it sounds oh so glam, I am not complaining, I enjoy my job, it certainly has it's perks, but it is not as glamorous as it sounds. The early mornings, the late nights and having to be nice to people all the time. This was probably the last trip that Ian and I will do together (I will divulge on another post), but let's just say circumstances are changing. So it was nice spending our last trip in one of my favourite countries, Italy.
Italians are just amazing. They have such a zest for life. They have such big personalities and they are just larger than life. They are everything that us Brits aren't.
Our appointment was in central Milan, so we got there early, had lunch and took in the crazy city.
I can't say I like Milan. It is not as it is portrayed. It is dirty, busy and very industrial, but during my very brief visits I have always noticed that the shopping looks amazing! If you have money this is the place to be! The place is crammed with wealthy Asians socking up on the latest LV bags. Crocodile skin Italians lavishly dripping in gold and furs. Literally ANYTHING goes here and I love that.
My outfit was a little more modest.

What I wore

I kept it quite simple, but I think pretty smart. I wore a Mango cream jacket with leather elbow patches, over a grey patterned high waisted dress from Benetton. Benetton has seriously disappeared in the UK, why? I just adore it simple elegant classics at high street prices. I wore black, knee high leather boots that I bought a couple of years ago from Boden. I have literally worn these to death and seriously need to think about investing in a different pair, but boot buying (along with jeans) have to be one of my least favourite expenditures. I always struggle finding ones to flatter my dumpy legs and fat calves. So when I find a pair I like I tend to wear them to death. I accessorised with a pretty pastel pink scarf that was handed down to me by my mum and my Follie Follie bag that Ian bought me earlier this year.

Awkward tourist pose

Cheesy selfie

I was not allowed in here:-( ...

...nor here...

LOL, we don't take a good selfie

Had to include this

ciao ciao

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Has social media taken over our lives?

During my recent visit to Italy I really noticed the importance of the mobile phone to the average Italian. I walked through the centre of Milan and almost no body was talking to each other. Everyone had their ear attached to a phone or speaking through some hands free device in order to avoid in the inconvenience of actually holding the small portable device! Thousands of busy Italians with a loud buzz of chit chat. Who are they talking to? Each other?
It was said that when mobile phones first came out the Italians had the highest number per person, many with numerous handsets. It has become a major fashion accessory. 

I am not one to talk, I generally do have my phone/ipad etc, but I do like social interaction too. As a sales person, I guess I would struggle if I didn't! On a more serious note social media/social devices are contributing to a rise in Social Anxiety Disorder. This is a phobia that generally starts at a young age, it is an intense fear of social interactions/situations. As most children nowadays have a mobile phone and are exposed to social media, are we setting a generation up for a major social problems? On a larger scale , this anxiety disorder can often lead to depression and drugs.

I took this photo whist sat in a restaurant in Italy. It really caught my attention as Italians are famous for their Latin passionate personalities. They are renowned for being the best lovers in the world, so to see a couple in "love" totally ignoring each other and instead scrolling through Facebook kind of summed up everything I have been saying. Why go out to a nice restaurant with your partner to spend the evening tagging yourself, Tweeting or texting? much cheaper to stay at home and do it! 

So put your device down, go and have a walk or EVEN a real conversation face to face with someone. The break will do you good.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Herbalife Skin Care-My 7 day trial

My herbalife experience

I have heard of Herbalife a few times as I am always looking for the latest thing to make me 
  • Beautiful
  • Thin
  • Younger
So I was intrigued to try Herbalife. They have a weight loss program, but my main reason for trying was actually for energy. I always feel tired, so I wanted to clean myself up from the inside. I would normally be tempted to opt for the weight loss too, but the program involved having two shakes per day. I could cope with having one, but I know myself and I simple wouldn't have stuck to it and instead had the shakes and a meal!
I decided to try the core nutrition plan. This was made up of Protein shake for breakfast, multi-vitamin, herb and fibre tablet, herbal tea, Thermo complete. The idea was the start the day with the protein shake, which suited me and to be quite honest was yummy. I had Vanilla flavour.This with a cup of herbal tea Along with this 1 multi vitamin and two fibre pills. These pills were to repeated at every meal; breakfast, lunch and diner. Then the Thermo Complete which s a natural caffeine supplement which gives you a "lift" to be taken in the morning and in the afternoon.
I did find it a little scary at first, being faced with so many tablets, but like anything when you got into a routine I barely even noticed.
Well, it's been almost 5 months that I have been taking them now and I can genuinely say that I do feel perkier and my skin is great. I won't lie and say that I am hopping around like a Duracell bunny, but I can notice a difference. I'd would like to keep up with it, but it doesn't come cheap...

Herbalife Skin Care

When I found out that they had brought out a skin care range, I was super excited. If you know me at all, you'll know that I am a beauty junkie!
I decided to try out the 7 day starter kit which is made up of firming eye cream, hydrating eye cream, Aloe Vera cleanser, a glow mostruiser and a nourishing night cream. I had to wait forever for it as it was so popular it had sold out. Then my magic box arrived.

Well it's been 7 days. No I don't look 10 years younger, but I like it. I can see a slight improvement. The creams do feel very nice on your skin, I particularly like the firming eye cream. I am a little paranoid about having puffy eyes, so this firming cream soft lovely and velvety on my skin. They are without doubt a lovely range of products. My next purchases will be mint face mask and red berry scrub:-)
I stocked up as these kits were so in demand, if you fancy getting your hands on the 7 day kit, inbox me at they are priced at £15 per kit.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Emily and Fin dress

It was time to play dress up again.

I don't put anywhere near as much effort into my blogs as many bloggers, nor blog as frequently, but one think I love about being a blogger is that I can dress up when I want. When I first started my blog I felt like a real turkey standing in front of the camera. I am by no means a model (unless they like them small and dumpy) and to be quite honest I don't really like a good picture. However, as time as gone on I have really got quite confident "posing" and it's such good fun, why not! One of my long term goals in blogging to to really develop my photography skills. I want to be more creative and experiment more and more. So when these fab Emily & Fin dresses turned up it was an ideal time to get my creative juices flowing.

I just adore fifties glamour. It is true femininity. Red lips, big lashes, big hair, hour glass shape. The Emily & Fin dresses capture this look perfectly. I wanted to try and get this look best I could, so I did a bit of vintage glam research I created my Pinterest fifties board & Let's get vintage just to get an idea of hair, make up etc. I adore these pics, they represent a time when (rightly or wrongly) a woman could be a woman.  I applied heavy black liquid liner with the noticeable cat flick. Filled my brows and applied matt red Tom Ford lipstick. I gave my hair a soft wave with the help of heated rollers and swept the front of my hair over to one side, gripped the sides of my hair up and back combed a little. My hair quite heavy, so I struggle to get the full "beehive", but I had some height.

The Lucy Dress-red skater figure

Just for effect I added some long satin gloves and of course, plenty of long pearls.The colour of this dress is amazing. So bright and cheery without being garish. The shape, like all of the Emily and Fin dresses flatters any shape and gives real womanly hour glass. This dress is so girly, but yet womanly at the same time.

My girl and me

The Abigail Dress-purple with black dots

Another fab colour. I have mentioned in previous posts that I am a colour girl. For some, they prefer black as it is less conspicuous, but personally I feel that colour gives you confidence. A strong bold colour un-doubly gives you courage and assurance that can't be found in dull, drab colours.
Anything dotty catches my attention, I am a true Minnie Mouse. I would imagine that this dress will be well worn. I would wear this for work, a night out or an occasion such a wedding/christening. Or  could even be worn as something a little more adventurous than the normal LBD for the Christmas party.

Th Isobel Dress-Purple sketchy floral 

Finally the purple sketchy floral Isobel dress. I really got arty with this picture and sprawled on the kitchen floor (it was clean). I put this photo on my Facebook page it got many positive responses, but the less creative asked why I was lying on the floor. Hey, think outside the box!
This dress is a royal colour explosion. Again the traditional shape, but with a fusion of patterns and colours.
All dresses the same, yet so different.

If any one has any suggestions how to spice my photos up, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts:-)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Why do bloggers think that they are being exploited?

I read something the other day which I have to say annoyed me. The post was titled "how bloggers are being exploited". I generally think I'm quite an open minded person so I read on. I have to say it irritated me slightly. It was a very one sided view of how blogger's graft for cheap freebies.

There are more than 250 million blogs and that is just on Wordpress and Tumblr. Anyone can start a blog, In the past if you wanted to be a journalist you had to have a degree in English, experience and to actually write for one of the top newspapers/magazines you had to not only be top of your game, but also be very lucky. What do you need to start a blog? A laptop, camera maybe and a desire to write.

Everyone starts a blog for their own reasons. Some find it good therapy, almost like an on line diary. For others it is great experience towards a career in journalism. For the majority it is just a fab hobby with quite a few perks. There are others of course who want to turn it into a business. For me, it was initially to promote my website, but then it grew to an amazing hobby which was so creative and inspired me to want to write more, meet more bloggers and want to get better at what I was doing. Any reason to start a blog is impressive. There is no doubt that it is a time consuming "hobby" which takes a huge amount of time, dedication and enthusiasm. I therefore understand why bloggers like to see a monetary reward, whether that be in the shape of "free" goods, sponsorship or any other form of "reward",, this is totally just. However, this is something we choose to do. No one forces us to blog. There are no working hours, rules nor regulations. So how can bloggers complain that they are being exploited? There is a simple answer to this. If you don't want to do it, DON'T! No one is forcing you. This is YOUR choice.

I feel that I can fairly talk about this topic as I am both a blogger who is "PR friendly" and reviews products, but also I have a clothes website and offer goods to bloggers to review. There is no doubt that bloggers have a massive impact on the on line popularity of a product and Google ranking, but if any one blogger thinks that they are going to make a massive impact, they are wrong.

I know how much effort goes into reviewing a product. It's not just the write up, but the photos, the editing, the whole shabang. I know, I have done it, hours and hours and at the end what have you got to show for it? A lipstick? That doesn't cover anywhere near minimum wage, so why do it? The reason you started your blog in the first place.

Some bloggers are loosing sight of why they started their blog. If  you feel that you are being exploited and companies are taking advantage of you, take a reality check. If you don't want to do it, there are hundreds of millions (literally) of bloggers who will. Be grateful that you are not only doing something that you enjoy, but you are also getting paid to do it. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

If you go down in the woods'll find the Midnight Tree Dress

I thought I'd have a bit of fun with this new AW14 Midnight Tree Dress by Sugarhill Boutique. They have broken away from their traditional quirky/cutesy style in favour of a striking shift dress with a bold image of a wood on the front.
For me, it's a Marmite dress. You either love it or you hate it.
I like the fact that it is so simple. The cut of the dress, the colours and the photo are all kept very simplistic without spoiling it with any quirky cut outs or prints. The style is flattering, but quite clingy. I would certainly recommend opting for a larger size as not only is it quite snug, it is also rather short, as many of the Sugarhill dresses are. I think it goes great with thick black tights and chunky black boots.

It felt only fitting to show this off in a "wood" which is actually the bottom of my garden (sorry if I've spoilt any illusions!) It was actually a little bit of a stressful photo session as the sun was starting to set after a sunny day, which meant that it was approaching Scarlett's bedtime and she wanted to sit and watch Pepper Pig, but being the kind of child who simply cannot bear to miss ANYTHING she had had to join us outside, much to her dislike. She whined and moaned throughout. We tried to bribe with Kinder Eggs, but she was not a happy bunny. So although the photos are not meant to be chirpy, and instead slightly more dark, the stressed look on my face is probably caused by the crying in the back ground and the pulling on my leg!

What do you think of the dress? Is it a yay or a nay???

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bike print dress, sun, ice-cream and of course Scarlett

Countryside "the land and scenery of a rural area."

We made the most of probably one of the last days of summer. My mum, Scarlett and myself were asked to do the cover of a local tourist magazine, showing 3 generations enjoying the different activities that the Ribble Valley has to offer. It was a nice excuse to spend some time with the girls team and the weather was super kind to us. The sun shone brightly, if felt more like July than early September. The village we live in and the surrounding villages looked even more beautiful. I love where we live, I feel so lucky. I am not a "country girl" by any means. I love the hustle and bustle of the cities, adore shopping and like eating out, but when you have a little one the open space is so important. This little area in North West England suites me just fine.

I wore this beautiful Emily and Fin Bike Print Dress. It has a traditional, feminine, English feel to it. I love the bright blue colour and the full A line skirt.The bike print symbolises the British summer time, even more so this year with the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire, where I am originally from.

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