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Friday, 29 August 2014

Get your blog on

I think there there comes a time with most things in life when you start to get a little bored. It could be a job, a relationship or a hobby. Its been going on for a while and you ask "is this for me?" It's the same with blogging. I know that I have certainly gone through periods where the thought of blogging is not appealing. My mojo has left the building, got in a taxi and gone on holiday. Well, I am pleased to say that it has come back from it's jollies, had a well earned rest and feeling much sprightlier now.

I know that there are many posts about, "what to do when you hit a blogging wall". I have read many myself, many blogs give great tips on how to re motivate yourself. I think helpful hints are fab, but I think you need to find your own carrot to drive you on. This happened for me last week when Scarlett was playing with her little buddy, Lucy. I took a few pictures as they were playing so sweetly together. The pictures turned out great, then I had a little play with them on Adobe light room an editor which Ian actually installed as he loves taking pictures. I just played with the functions and I am very sure there is so much more the software can offer me, but I was really happy with the results. I then treated myself to this new piece of kit, it is Wacom sketch pen it is a gadget.

Wacom sketch pad & pen

 Basically it has a pen function which allows you to easily write on photos in your own handwriting or easily illustrate things, just to add that personal touch to your blog. It is a toy, I know that, but I love to mess around with quirky new discoveries and this is what has inspired me to get taking pictures, playing around with my blog and generally get a bit more creative.
I am also looking to guest post. Please inbox me on if you would like me to contribute!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

These boots were made for walking


Isn't it funny how the simple things make you feel different. A new hairstyle, a new lipstick, a new pair of shoes?
So this is just a fun post looking at how some of my favourite shoes bring out a different side to me.

The cowboy boots

How could you not love these bad boys? I bought them from in London. I was going through a "wanting to be a cowgirl" phase at the time. I do find them very funky and super comfy. I tend to wear them with skinny jeans or dresses. I do like feeling slightly cowgirl ish in these boots in a dress and a cropped denim jacket:-) I feel funky in these, but I can't say all that feminine. The boots are long and I feel like I have boats attached to my feet. However, these beautiful creatures makes me feel super girly...

The Dorothy shoes

These Michael Kors beauts were a birthday pressie from my mum and dad. I just love red shoes! I just want to click my heels together!
My legs feel long in the extremely high wedges. My feet feel oh so pretty in these shoes ***warning nail polish must be warn with these shoes*** I feel all woman!

The plain Jane shoes

OK, so they're not that exciting, but like all things in life, you need a bit of boring sometimes. And these shoes are just that. Quite dull, but I think at the same time pretty, easy to wear, neutral colour and go with anything. I feel like the girl next door.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

My week

A bit of a lazy post today. I stayed up a bit to late last night. Ian and I watched a film, drank way too much wine and listened to some music, well actually we had a bit of a dance. It is great that we still just love each others company and can turn any night into a party night, but it was pay back today. Not only did Scarlett wake up at the crack of dawn, which is really not like her, but we also had a 5th Dinosaur themed birthday party to go to. It was a great party, the kids just loved it, but quite tough when you've only had a few hours sleep and WAY too much to drink! Ha ha my own fault I guess. So, a gentle post was in order which was a quick summary of my week in pictures.
It has been  reasonably chilled week in terms of how my life is at the moment. No over seas trips. Which was great. We have started to get the new Sugarhill AW14 collections in. It is soooo exciting when new stock arrives. I tend to order the collections a good 6-10 months before, so by the time it arrives I have totally forgotten what I have ordered so it is always a nice surprise. I will post all of the new seasons favourites in the very near future when everything is here.
Scarlett joined me in a bit of girly pampering and had her first "twinkle toes" experience. I did say no to begin with, but she begged me for the pink sparkly polish and I couldn't resist! It did look super cute.
Early night for me tonight so that I can wake up with my fresh head on and go for a nice long run.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fifties fun

There is nothing more fun than dressing up. From being a little girl we adore getting dressed up in mummy's clothes, make-up and shoes. I can see that now with Scarlett, she is desperate to copy me. She wants to paint her nails the same colour as mine wear my lipstick and try on my shoes. As much as I want to dis courage her being appearance obsessed from a young age, there is something magical about dressing up with mummy. I think it is an important bonding time between mother and daughter. I certainly have fond memories of spending time discovering my mum's make-up:-) So when do we stop being able to play dress up? I think the answer is NEVER! Why should we? When you become an adult we are told that all the fun things should stop. Well for me dressing up is not one of them! I adore glamour and the fifties was an amazing time to be a woman.

The fifties was a decade which allowed women to be women, to celebrate their curves, to wear beautiful dresses, to be glamorous and fun. I have a major obsession at the moment with the brand Emily and Fin. Their style can be described as glamorous vintage with a modern twist. The dresses are styled on women. The colours pretty and the prints imaginative. 
For the fun photo shoot in the beautiful Lancashire sun in my back garden I got out my favourite dress of the season. The Emily and Fin lolly dress. I know I have worn it a few times before, but I just adore it. I feel super feminine in it and it is just ideal for almost every occasion. It fits well in all the right places, so I feel quite confident when I wear it. 
I wore these super bright coral shoes which I bought last season from New Look. They were as cheap as chips and people always compliment me on them when I wear them. 
The glasses are limited edition wayfarers which I featured in my birthday present post.
I just love this look. Red lips,big hair. I feel all woman! 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


 I have just come back from a very brief trip to Germany. I flew into Stuttgart, which seemed very industrial. They were building the train station under ground, so the city centre was dug up. Also it was pouring with rain, so I don't think that I saw it as it's best as I speedily drove through it. I then took a six and half hour train journey to Berlin. I have been to Berlin before as we have a large customer there, but I can't say that I know the city at all. 
I was very impressed with the HUGE train station, super modern and more like a stylish shopping centre. It was brightly lit and looked very inviting un-like many of the cold, grey, concrete blocks that we have in the UK. I took a short taxi ride to my hotel which was conveniently smacked right in the centre of the Western part of the city on Friedrichstrasse.

I arrived at around 9 at night and the city was buzzing! Music in the streets, bars crammed and the restaurants heaving. I was just so gutted that I was on my own! I travel to these great places, but on your own it's just not the same. I am all for equality, but as a woman in a big city on your own it just doesn't feel right walking around. I can't say that I felt un-safe, although there were a few un-savoury characters like every city, but the whole it came across like a friendly place. 
I braved it in a close by restaurant that looked lovely. I treated myself to a large salad and a couple of glasses of Riesling!

I have previously stayed in Alexander Platz, which is in the East. It is my understanding that it is really buzzing at this side of the city. It is a haven for back backers and hippies with plenty of parties and interesting people to meet. It is also very reasonably priced for a large city.

Although mine was just a flying visit, I would highly recommend Berlin for a cheeky weekend away:-)

Friday, 15 August 2014

How to be a stylish back packer

This week has been like a scene from "Planes, trains and automobiles". I feel like I have been on every form of transport. I had a meeting in Holland, so travelled over to Amsterdam and stayed there over night. Unfortunately I didn't get to see any of the sights and as amazing as Amsterdam is, it is not the kind of place that you want to go out at night on your own. So I sat in the hotel bar with a glass of vino and catch up on work and read of few of my favourite blogs (a real rarity with a two year old!).
Although I did have this view in the morning

Sorry, super crappy picture taken from my broken phone. I guess I generally don't think that there are going to be many photo opportunities when I'm away with work!
I got on the train to Apeldorn, it was the Amsterdam to Berlin train. Oh wow, I felt old. I mean like really old. I guess it's one of the first times in my life that my age occurred to me. OK, I'm not saying that I'm old by any stretch of the imagination, but I am no longer a "youth". This sad reality dawned on me as I sat on an extremely crowded train of back packers. They were all Inter-railing over the summer. The carriage was a wash of back packs. Although I have never actually "backpacked" (I like clean clothes too much and a single ruck sack is way too restrictive for my wardrobe!) but I have travelled quite a bit. When I was 20 I worked at a youth hostel in the South of France and met backpackers every day. I always felt one of them. Until today, when I realised I was the "woman" with a real job. I know it sounds funny, but I think I always felt connected to these young travellers as that is what I loved to do and adored meeting new people and having that first "tell me about yourself conversation". I sat amongst the young, excited travellers and it did make me chuckle at how they all spoke. It was as if they were the first people to ever do this. That they were super special and oh so unique. I over heard one girl saying "I've done Scandy", referring to the fact she had travelled around Scandinavia. Oh wow, was I like that? I think I probably was!
It led me to think how you manage to fit everything you need for months on end into a little back pack? What kind of wardrobe would you need?

  • Denim shorts are a stable. They are easy, don't wear out, comfortable, cool, stylish, don't get dirty that easily!...the list goes on. They are simply a MUST for every stylish back packer.
  • Sun glasses. You're going to hit some hot weather around Europe in the summer. Not only do sun glasses protect your eyes, it adds an instant stylish look and hides bags, shadows or pretty much any evidence of what went on the night before.
  • Stylish sandals. Stylish has to be considered, BUT this is the one item that comfort has to take over from style. Un-comfortable shoes is an absolute NO NO when travelling with a heavy back pack.
  • Vests. They easy, cheap, cool, they go with anything, easy to wash, easy to sling on...just easy in general.
  • A maxi dress. There will be the odd occasion when you want to feel like a girl and wear a dress. A maxi is stylish, keeps you cool, gives that stylish boohoo look and only needs a pair of flip-flops. 
  • Finally a good sun cream. I cannot recommend enough a factor 50 BB cream I found by Ambre Solaire .It is amazing, not only does it give a fantastic colour, it works as a great sun cream with SPF 30 or 50. I have used this all summer!

Being a back packer is now just a distant memory. I can't say that I am longing to do it, I am more than happy with my life now, but seeing these back packers did bring back some very fond memories.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fashion for mother and daughters

A guest post today from Tina Hamilton who is a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of Southern California’s beaches with her dog, Joey. Look for her on Twitter 

Fashion for Mother-Daughter Dates

The bond between mother and daughter is incomparable to any other relationship. The combination of similarities and shared goals between mother and daughter create a relationship that is irreplaceable and unbreakable. You will know better than anyone the exact emotions and struggles that your daughter will deal with, so you can be the one to best prepare her with the knowledge and tools she needs.
Mother-daughter dates are not only a great way to relax and spend time together, they are also great for creating learning opportunities for your daughter. You will be able to teach your daughter new things and learn more about her, and vice versa. Therefore, mother-daughter dates are essential for maintaining your relationship throughout your lives. Because there are so many fashion rules and guidelines for us all to follow, mother-daughter dates are a great way to show each other the ropes. Here are some great ideas for fashion on mother-daughter dates.

A mother-daughter fashion show

Test out your designer skills and unlock your daughter’s imagination with a mother-daughter fashion show. You can keep it simple by designing outfits from what you both already have in your closets to create beautiful, unique and outrageous outfits. You can take it even further and branch out, inviting other mum's and daughter to your fashion show. Have everyone prepare a few outfits and build a fabulous catwalk that everyone can walk down to show off their original looks. This is a fun way to think outside the box and learn more about each other’s fashion sense.

A mother daughter bra fitting

If your daughter is a little older, she is in need of some guidance during that difficult transitional time in her life. You can help ease her into womanhood by taking her for a professional bra fitting. She will learn the basics about designer bras and learn how to best fit her body. If she is not yet ready for a public outing to buy bras, you can use a bra fitting app and order bras on line to create a less intimidating experience for your daughter.

A mother-daughter back-to-school shopping date

Everyone needs to go back to school shopping, time to replace last year’s clothes and get a new look for your ever-changing and growing little girl. This can be a great way to get away with your daughter and spend some quality time before she gets overwhelmed with all the tasks of school. Spend some time shopping with your daughter and deciding what her goals can be for this new school year. She will become more focused and determined and be able to have the confidence to meet and exceed her goals.

A mother-daughter thrift store date

This is a new, growingly popular option for your college age daughter, but it can be a fun option at any age. If you are looking to revamp your wardrobes, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, a mother-daughter trip to the thrift store might be the best option for you. You can dig for those few and far between finds that will add life to your closet or you can just build silly outfits with outdated clothes.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

We sell on ASOS Marketplace

Scarlett Fashion for ASOS Marketplace
Watch out Asos...we're here!!!
It has taken us some time, but we are finally selling on Asos Marketplace  Asos have very strict guidelines, particularly in terms of photography, which is a good thing as it means any old corner shop selling tatty goods can't just rock up and sell on the site. They like to have quality boutiques and quality brands.

It has taken us a couple of photo shoots to get all the pictures together, but we were finally ready to launch this week and what a success already. Our orders have already been shipped around the world, which is so so exciting!

We have had two fun filled days taking the pictures, one of which was unfortunately a wash out, it rained and rained and the other I think the hottest day of the year. Here are a few of the great snaps that we may have seen some of them floating around on Facebook already;

The lovely Jess

I even did a bit of modelling myself!
I really love Asos Marketplace. It is such a good way for boutiques and aspiring designers to get noticed and  great way for people to discover them. The high Street and the "on-line high Street" tend to be dominated by the same brands. There are so many great little designers and quirky boutiques that simply never get a look in. We sell on line through our own website, but it is hard to compete against the large companies with massive marketing budgets. Asos marketplace is a win win for everyone in my opinion.

I'd love it if you check out our page and even give us a like!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Seaside and lollies

Life is busy at the moment. Actually, busy is an under statement. Trying to combine motherhood with a stressful job is almost impossible. Although I will not give in. If you have read my recent posts you will see that I am being under a huge amount of pressure by my bosses to basically "step down" now that I am a mother. Well, if I choose to change my job, then that's my business. I am not claiming to be super woman, but at the same time I am perfectly capable of being a good mother and holding down a job!
So this week, I have been working in Portugal. Rather than leave Scarlett at home, I brought her with me. I think it's a great experience to travel as much as you can while you're young. Scarlett is so content sat on planes and travelling, I really love the fact that she is so able to adapt.

I spent the week visiting customers. My parents very kindly bought a ticket and came over to Portugal and watched little miss while I had my appointments.

We did have one free afternoon, so I took my little princess down to the beach for a bit of mummy and Scarlett time.

My dress is my summer favourite by Emily and Fin . I love my job, but if I am made to choose, there is absolutely no contest.
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