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Guddi Jewellery

It's always nice as a blogger and general shopping addict when you make a new discovery, especially when the company is owned by an independent. I do get fed up of high street same same, so it's refreshing to find something that is not quite as main stream.  Guddi  is just that. Created by the lovely Inga who was inspired after travelling to India. The collections that Inga has chosen are bright and colourful and ooze Indian charm. It was tough choosing which item I wanted to review. I generally stick to quite conservative jewellery when I'm at work, so it was nice to pick something which really made a statement and this beautiful chunky gold & pink necklace  certainly does that! I adore the bright pink collage of pinks and crystals, making it feel extremely feminine yet funky and chunky. This piece just makes an outfit. Wear with a LBD and the outfit is transformed. has a great collection of vintage/Indian inspired statement piece

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