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Thursday, 30 January 2014

SodaCoda silicone stick on bra

Stick on chicken fillets?

As a female who was not particularly blessed in the chest department, I am always interested in anything that suggests enhancing what god gave me (or didn't give me!).
So, when SodaCoda approached me about a product review I was instantly drawn to a product which claimed to be a breast enhancer. They are commonly known as "chicken fillets", but I think a little more sophisticated than the general stereotype of this title. The very simple concept is a silicone filled, stick on, backless bra which simply attaches itself to the skin. No need for anything else. Ideal for backless dresses or tops which gap under the arm when even a strapless bra is no good.

It took me a little while to get my boobs positioned correctly, but once I had there is was no moving this stick on bra. My first thoughts was that it would fall off or the stick would wear off, but I was pleasantly surprised at how secure I felt. It stuck so well that I was even able to position my breasts to give a bit of push up, meaning a modest cleavage, which for me is a small miracle!
I have used it twice so far and I can see little sign of the "stick" wearing off, so it is certainly not just a one evening product.

No under arm straps
Can even waear a backless top

I had a browse around the rest of their collection and found some amazing, quirky body shaping products. Bum bras was one of the items which particularly got my attention. The idea of pushing my bum up seemed quite intriguing. I know that the "Brazilian Bum" is fashionable at the moment, I'm not sure if I am quite ready to try this product, but I admit that I am curious!
They also have a great collection of shaping swimwear that will undoubtedly be a winner as it hots up.
One product that I WILL be trying is the Micro Derma Roller. I have heard reports from close friends of mine that they are amazing for age prevention and for blemishes.

Check out their website for some creative, new quirky products;

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The simple things in life

Just a few pics for today's post. We had a chilled weekend. My mum and dad came over from Yorkshire to stay and of course see Scarlett. We decided to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings in the Ribble Valley and get some fresh air. It was cold and wet, but managed to bring a bit of colour to our cheeks.
Scarlett enjoyed seeing the animals and jumping in muddy puddles. It was lovely just to have some time. It made me realise how much I miss my family and how little time we take to enjoy simple things.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

How to reduce blood pressure in a juice

It's been a rough week this week and it wasn't  helped when we got the un-welcome news that Ian has got dangerously high blood pressure and this is causing kidney failure. We were genuinely shocked as Ian is very thin, runs about 30 miles per week and on the whole eats a healthy diet. That's not to say that he doesn't enjoy a few glasses of cheeky vino, but to have the blood pressure of a 70 year old obese man is just so wrong. He is quite a stressed person and has a stressful job, so I'm sure this doesn't help, but we now have 3 weeks to try and get it down. He started with his pills yesterday and I am trying to do my bit in the kitchen.
I did a large on-line shop. I bought a vast array of healthy goodies. Our cupboards are stuffed full of pulses, spinach, brown rice and beans. I also decided to buy the ingredients to make a "blood pressure reducing juice". We bought a fab Philips juicer last year and use it sporadically. It was time to dust it off, and start juicing again! The recipe I wanted to try was a melange of the following:
Celery, cucumber, spinach, green pepper, parsley, tomatoes hmmmm it sounds disgusting, but actually  it was ok. I won't go as far as to say nice, it tasted "healthy", but not as rank as you may think! 
Well, I've had a 5 mile run, had my healthy juice, and now I am having my well deserved glass of vino!
Will keep you posted on the hubby's progress

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Beautiful Blouses from Sugarhill Boutique

It's been a busy week, getting back into work, juggling childcare and work, along with customer visits all started again. I have totally forgotten about the 3 week holiday I had over Christmas.
 It looks like 2014 could be a bit of a year of change. We have found a new house that we'd like to move to. It is not so far from where we are now, but even further into the countryside. It is beautiful and has a fab garden and sun house for Scarlett to play in during the summer. We are just waiting to see on the offer for ours which we expect any day, fingers crossed! Our car, after not even two years on the planet has been recalled due to a major engine problem, so now we are on the lookout for a new car. It is hard to find something a bit sporty, but practical and pram friendly, any ideas? Finally, the on line business has moved premises. We are now operating out of a converted farm along with two friends who have a fantastic company called Bespoke they create the most amazing hand crafted designs. The farm is a great place for photo shoots and it is lovely to be in the clean, fresh air. I think I may be a country bumpkin at heart!

So, today I thought we would have another outfit post, to show you two very pretty blouses from one of my favourite brands Sugarhill Boutique .

The Biba Blouse

The first is this pink Biba blouse. It is a very feminine peachy pink colour with delicate little glitter sparkles. It has 3/4 capped sleeves and a flared bottom trim. It makes a cutesy day top with jeans, or could be dressed up with a pencil skirt and killer heels for the evening.

Mango statement necklace  

 The Missy Blouse

The next blouse is a very simple, long sleeved white shirt with an amazing gold collar for maximum impact. This Missy blouse is not my usual taste as the shirt is very plain, but when I tried it on I fell in love with it. The blouse needs to be pain in order for the collar to fully stand out, which it does! I just feel sooo glam. I wore it with a bright coral lipstick. I choose to wear with jeans, but I think it could be worn with pretty much anything.

My baby and I xxx

Saturday, 11 January 2014

January blues amazing blogger competition

Win this outfit!


Blogger Competition      


Do you have January blues? It's wet and cold, you're partied out and now trying to achieve "dry January". Just to make things worse, you're skint and still have your credit card to pay for. Sound familiar? Well, maybe we can cheer you up a bit. We are running a fab blogger competition in January. All you have to do is look through our website and create your favourite sale outfit. You can choose from a vast range of brands such as Yumi, Sugarhill Boutique, Little Mistress, Glamorous, Miss Patina, Paper Dolls and Missco Girl bags to name a few. You create your favourite look and the most creative wins the entire outfit! :-) Sounds good?
The deadline is January 31st, create your outfit, get it posted and either Tweet us @scarlettsfb or e-mail us
To get your creative juices following, see above for my outfit inspiration!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Top picks from the January sales

January great sale finds!
January is well and truly here! It's cold and wet and altogether quite miserable. Today is supposed to be the most depressing work day of the whole year, joy joy! What better way to cheer ourselves up than to stay in, wrap up and browse through some of the best deals on-line in the January sales.
My first pick is this snug Sugarhill Fairisle jumper in grey. It has been reduced from £39 to £32.99.  It  is very "this season" with the ever popular Christmas jumpers, but slightly less garish with cutesy penguins , love hearts and stars.
Another Sugarhill boutique on my list is this Lexi party dress. It has been reduced from £49.99 to £36.99. It is a real statement piece. Elegant and glam. The length is flattering and rests in the knee, the dress is figure hugging and the gold, Peter Pan collar adds that extra special sparkle to this LBD.  
TFNC are one of my new "finds". I always love it when you come across a range of clothes that you perhaps have heard of, but never really looked at and you are pleasantly surprised. This was my feeling when I came across TFNC. They have a vast range of clothes and the prices are amazing. This Kristen Dress with gold band and gold detail is so, so pretty. It nips you in at the waist and gives such an elegant shape. This reminds me of a Greek goddess dress. It is now in the sale at £32.99.
Little Mistress and Paper Dolls are the same company. Little Mistress' target audience is a little younger than Paper Dolls, but they both produce some amazing party dresses. This electric blue Little Mistress Cobalt dress, it super girly. It is backless with a lace overlay and netting under the skirt. It is reduced to £28.99.
Finally, the other part of the company, Paper Dolls has this very sophisticated figure hugging dress at £35.99. The material is a subtle snakeskin in cream with a skinny black belt and black Peter Pan collar.

I'd love to hear your suggestions, I am always after a bargain!

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Fashionistas guide to Italy

As many of you know,  I travel a lot with my job. I am lucky enough to be able to spend some time in some of the most incredible places in Europe. I love to be able to combine my love and passion for fashion with the cities I am in. For me, by far, Italy has to be the most incredible place for watching the most amazing fashion.
Rome, is perhaps my favourite city in the world. Putting aside the splendour of the historic surroundings, I adore it for it diversity in Fashion. In Rome, there really seems to be no boundaries. You are free to express yourself with what you wear.
Italians are so overtly ostentatious, with their very bold style. They have few reservations when it comes to clothes. With Rome being one of the main fashion hubs in Italy, the city is just a catwalk for every Italian. They love to be watched and they are great to watch.
Rome is also an amazing place to shop. Many would think that it is expensive, but I found the clothes remarkably reasonable. You can fantasise in the Prada, Guggi or LV window, but there are also some beautiful shops that are the same price, if not cheaper than the UK. I recently bought a beautiful handmade leather holdall in Rome, it is now my lifelong friend.
Rome is only a small city and easily accessible by foot. You can admire the splendours of the wealthy at some of the most exclusive boutiques around the Spanish steps and within just a few minutes walk, shopping at the Via Cola di Rienzo with his high street fashion and plethora of cafes.
Rome truly is a fashionista's Mecca.
A Blogger's guide to Italy

The famous Spanish steps
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