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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Why am I so impatient?

I am at a bit of a cross roads at my life at the moment. Unfortunately, I can't go into detail due to the transparency of a blog, I have to keep a few things to myself even though I am dying to divulge! Anyway, I am waiting on something at the moment and it made me realise how totally and utterly impatient I am. I want to rush into decisions even though I know they're not necessarily right and it really made me sit down and think


Is it just me? Or does anyone else have the patience of a small child? If I see something that I like, I want it there and then. I will think about it constantly, how this particular purchase will change my life if I don't buy it. If  am waiting for an answer I will not be able to think about anything else until I get that answer. I don't know what it is, but my mind seems to get totally consumed by whatever it is at the time. I actually think my three year old daughter has more patience than me. I had never really thought about it before, I considered myself to be quite a level headed person (hmm did I?) But actually I am an impatient, giddy, child. This has really made me sit back and think. Why am I like this? (sitting on the couch now, thinking about my childhood...) Am I just a spoilt little girl that hasn't grown up (possibly), or is it down to my personality, slightly anxious, un-able to sit down and constantly multi-tasking...hmmm...maybe I've hit on something.Is impatience just another trait of a busy, stressed, multi-tasker? I guess that makes sense. 

Wasting time kills me

I get nervous and actually feel guilty when I'm doing nothing.By doing nothing, I mean, watching TV, playing a game, reading a book (unless it's for educational purposes). How sad is that? I actually have an inability to relax. Without laying on the couch again, I think think alot of this does come from my dad who has some kind of attention disorder that he's never grown out of and has crazy amount of energy which means he is un-able to stop, ever, much to the disdain of my mother. More over, I think this restlessness just comes from being a busy working mum.The constant pressure of combining being a mother, a wife, a full time job and still finding time to be the person that you were pre this. There is no doubt that it makes you impatient and anxious. There are so few hours in the day we can't waste them! This is not  healthy trait, clearly.

Understand why are you are so impatient

I guess it's like anything, if you understand the root of the problem, it's easier to solve. I understand why I'm like this. I m permanently on edge, but I have a million and one things to do. It makes me a little OCD about organisation. The irony is I am so dis-organised it's un-true, I guess that's why I feel I have to try and be super organised. Does that make any sense? If I have my Asda shop booked, posts scheduled and meals in the freezer I can free slightly less anxious. 

How can I come more tolerant? 

Understand what sparks it
If you understand the things that trigger your impatience, you are one step closer to solving it. An obvious point, but try and avoid these situations. If you know something is going to make you blow your top, step away from the situation

For me this is absolutely imperative in avoiding stressful situations. It releases endorphins. The same you get after your have sex. Do you feel anxious post coital? Nope? You get the same high post exercise.

Fill your time with things that you enjoy
I'm not going to say; read a book, take a long bath or listen to music. They may be relaxing to some, but not necessarily you. Personally if I am feeling impatient or on edge reading a book or taking a bath drives me crazy! It has the opposite effect, because my mind is free to wander and over analysis everything. I need to keep busy. You may laugh, but cleaning actually chills me out. I feel like I am doing something productive and keeps me occupied. Everyone is different, often a chat with your BFF is key to keeping calm. If you enjoy it, do it!

Keep everything in perspective
It is easy to build a situation up in your mind. Take a step back and take a reality check. Think what is the worst that can happen? It's not that bad is it? Take a look at some real problems which humble your situation.

Have a rant
Take a load off and whinge and whine to someone you know will just listen. Every body feels better when they share their frustrations.

You're not born impatient, it is something that you develop. It could be down to a million reason. I often find impatient people are generally people who set themselves un-realistic goals in life. They constantly strive to improve and be the best. I guess I am talking alot about myself when I say this. I know that I surround myself with people who are the same. Never able to sit and relax, constantly having to improve and most importantly improve themselves. Everyone has their own reasons. For me, it was a workaholic father who made relaxation a thing to be ashamed of. Relaxation was another word for laziness and there was no place for that in our house.

I guess we all need to take a step back, do what makes us happy. At the end of the day we are just little ants on a big planet and more often than not, we cannot change our annoyances. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Another Space NK shopping haul

I am offically addicted to Space NK. If I was rich I would have one of everything. Space NK is yet another one of my weaknesses. From time to time (or quite often) I will browse the website during my lunch and drool over pretty much everything. I believe everything they promise me. I am a marketing person's dream. If they tell me it will make me youthful and glowy, how could I possibly not buy into that at a mere £50? So the credit card comes out and once again I have to try and hide it from Ian. Even though I am often disappointed with the results, I spend the days waiting for my order impatiently watching the post. The excitement of opening that magic black box can only be compared to a 6 year old opening their presents on Christmas day. Total and utter joy with high expectations.

This is Tea to Tan It told me that I would have a glowing sun kissed look, How could I refuse?  At £36 it's not cheap, but by no means expensive by Space NK standards.

The Tea Tan comes with a easy droplet, although it is kind of tricky to put on without it making a mess. You have to apply and blend rather quickly. It dries nicely and easily and leaves a non sticky glow, as promised.

The nail polish is by Rococo in the sale at just £3. Top bargain! I am obsessed with think natural/grey colour at the moment. I find it goes with everything and looks very smart for work and meetings. Unfortunately, it looks like they are sold out of this shade, but there are a few colours left at this amazing price.

Close up Selfie!

The result. A light glow and pink lips courtesy of Shu uemura. Like it? I think it has quite a sixties look to it. I generally opt for brighter lipsticks, normally anything that contains the word Coral, but I decided a change was in order.

The Jump Start Sugar Scrub is still waiting in the cupboard for a cosy, candle lit bath, next time I have a spare 30 minutes to myself.

Check out all of the Space NK NY Sale bargains here. Please share your top finds with me, I LOVE trying new products:-)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

BIG BUMS! yey or nay?

“You got booty girl!”

This was a comment I once received from a young girl when we entering some young fashion parade. Although you may think that this was in the depths of Harlem, it was actually in Wigan. I think this girl had been watching to bit too much Jerry Springer. I was slightly taken back by the comment and could not work out if she was throwing me a compliment or if she was just being a bitch. I took it as the latter. I have also been stopped in the street in France to be told by some lovely North African gentleman than my bum was big. Gee thanks for that, and you’re ugly, what’s your point?
My larger than average bum has been the bairn of my entire life. I am not a fat girl, size 10, but my booty is not in proportion to the rest of me. I spent years working out, loosing weight, but my ample posterior just carried on following me around.

Alexander McQueen introduces “The Bumster”

With such a “bum hatred” you can imagine how confused I was when Alexander McQueen introduced “The Bumster” in the early 90s, inspired by the "builders bum" showing the cleavage of the top of the buttocks such as a boob cleavage is considered appealing.

 A Brazilian craze started soon after. The bigger the bum the better. People were even having “bum implants” and the equivalent to chicken fillets in their pants. Can you imagine? Actually wanting to make your backside look bigger? I have spent my entire life trying to make it look smaller!

Along came Jennifer Lopez

OK, so I’m not saying that Jennifer Lopez revolutionised the future of women’s desired shape, but people started to take it a big more seriously when a sexy, young woman with an ample butt was actually flaunting her assets instead of trying to hide them and people seem to find it really attractive! Get in! That’s not to say she was by any means the first. If we look at women like Marilyn Monroe who was considered the ultimate sex symbol with her fantastic curves, but this all seem to get lost with the arrival of Twiggy in the 60s and later Kate Moss.

Big bums caught on

It wasn’t long before all the celebs followed. The bigger the better! Destiny’s child were famous for their curves and ofcourse Beyonce led the way with her infamous BTM. Kim Kardshian is ofcourse one of the most famous with her ever expanding arse, which is wonderfully displayed in every famous photo she has taken. Along came Nicky Minaj, who seems to have taken the big butt to the extreme.

 The Belfie

As the name suggests, "The Belfie" is the ultimate self admiration of one's derriere. Instragram is the platform to show the biggest and and firmest butts. Just as we saw the Selfie take off, the Belfie is closely behind (pun not intended). The big bum is now so widely celebrated that we love to show it off on social platforms.

Are you falling in love with your bum?

It is hard to loose your inhibitions, Things that have haunted you your whole life, for me, my big butt. There is no doubt that the more it is celebrated the less self conscience I feel. I am not entirely convinced that the larger butt really is considered sexy or it is a way of finally making women feel better about their bodies, Either way, it's not a bad thing.
OK, now for the cliche; every woman does have a different body shape, it s not necessarily about how much you weigh or how fit you are, it is often just nature. At the age of 35, I cannot say that I am "100% happy in my body shape". To be honest, I doubt I ever will be. Although, I can see the older I get the more accepting I have become of body flaws. I still don't like them, but try to let my life be ruled by them. ANYWAY, at the moment I am just enjoying having a super trendy bootylish butt.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Family days are the best

Some times the most simple days are the best. Today was one of those days. Take a family meeting up, who live 3 hours apart, 3 kids, some food and you have a great day.

My brother came over to visit today from Beverley, East Yorkshire with his wife and 2 boys. It was the first time that they had been to our new house and it is now our 7th month, so you can see we don't see each other regularly! The nicest part for me was Scarlett spending time with her cousins. There is quite an age gap, Dan is 10 and Matt is 14, but Scarlett just adores them. My parents came over as well and it was lovely for them to see all of their grand kids together.

The boys protected her as if she was their baby sister. It was too cute.

Scarlett was wearing her Mango Kids pink suede jacket which I am desperately looking for in my size!
Adorable burgundy boots with love hearts from Asda and an Asda dress-bargain!


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