Why Blogging is the future

I have read so many derogatory comments recently about bloggers. General blasé comments with no facts to back them up, suggesting that bloggers are inferior to " journalists". I beg to differ.
It is obvious that bloggers who are not trained in writing may not be as articulate and express themselves with such sophistication as a "formally educated journalist", but does this mean that a bloggers content is inferior to that of a professional journalist? I think quite the contrary. A blogger, unless sponsored for a post gives a true, honest opinion that is not tainted by the newspaper/ magazine they write for. A bloggers only motivation is their enthusiasm and passion. Most bloggers make no income from blogging, they do it as a hobby, it is a way of communicating with the world about things that matter to them. They write when they want to, not when they are told to. They write when something interests and inspires them, not when they are given a story and paid to write about it.
Journalists have so many restraints. They have to consider who they are writing for and the impact it will have on their publication. Bloggers don't care. 

Why is it that "journalists" have such an issue with bloggers? If their content is really that bad, why care? Maybe the future of the "journalist" is threatened by the popularity of the blog. 

It leads to the question, why is it now more popular to read a blog than to read a newspaper of magazine? Perhaps it is because the reader relates more closely to the blogger. Maybe the average  educated journalist is now out if touch. Maybe people people prefer to read about things that are written by people like themselves?

The power of the blogger is huge. It is certainly not to be dismissed. So Mr pretentious journalist who looks down on the blogger, think again! Maybe read a blog or two, you may learn something.


  1. As a Journalism graduate & blogger, I can see both ways. I personally prefer reading blogs to magazines/newspapers because, like you said, it's honest and it's a lot more personal. But, from a journo's point of view, I can see why they might think "why is a blogger potentially making more money and success than me when I'm the one who's spent years training to get in this position?" Obviously, bloggers also put in a huge amount of time and effort but until you start blogging yourself, it can be hard to realise just how much effort actually goes into maintaining a blog. So, a journalist may feel that they're doing the 'harder' job yet a blogger is getting the same recognition?

    Beth x


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