Scarlett Fashion hits Liverpool in Paper Doll

We decided a have a well earned break this weekend. My parents looked after Scarlett and we escaped for a weekend to try and re capture our "Pre Scarlett" days...
We opted for Liverpool. I love Liverpool. I was a student here for four years and have very happy memories. It has changed a lot since I was here, after it was European City of Culture it really smarted itself up. You can see in the centre that a huge amount of investment has gone in to really tidy up it's scruffy reputation. Liverpool centre is now a cosmopolitan city with a plethora of up market bars and shops. We stayed at The Albert Dock.

View from the room
There are many lovely restaurants and bars at The Albert Dock. One of my favourite is Baby Blue Bar with Comedy lounge, a great night, fab for people watching! As most people know, the Liverpool ladies are famous for their passion for fashion and have no fear when it comes to dressing up on a Saturday night. Many sights can be seen! You may also get a glimpse of the odd football player. We decided to eat at Circo Bar and restaurant. It was one of the places we went when we first got together, so it had fond memories...
I decided to make an effort and wore one of our new Paper Doll Bodycon dresses in red. I felt very glam:-)
Red bodycon Paper Dolls dress

my new red dress
Apologies for the quality of the pictures, I did forget my camera, so they just taken on my iphone..not ideal!
I wore this with my black Jimmy Choos and felt quite smart as we went for diner.
For anyone who has never visited Circo Bar or Albert Dock itself, I would very much recommend it. Circo bar itself is so unique. It is more than just a restaurant, it has full entertainment built in!
This theme restaurant/bar kept us entertained all night. Starting with the hosts greeting everyone on stilts set the standard for the night. The bar was buzzing and everyone seemed to appreciate the extra "je ne said quoi".
The hosts
The entertainment continued to the restaurants where we were amazed by the fantastic acrobatics which was performed as we ate our food. It would be an ideal place for a first date, no need to cover the awkward silences that there is too much going on around you...

 I had enjoyed Salmon and splashed out with a bottle of champagne, although to be honest the food could have been poor and I would still would have enjoyed my dining experience, luckily the food just added to it.
Fantastic evening, with great company:-)
Hubby enjoying his food

Straight into the champers!


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