The Emily and Fin dress

It was time to play dress up again.

I don't put anywhere near as much effort into my blogs as many bloggers, nor blog as frequently, but one think I love about being a blogger is that I can dress up when I want. When I first started my blog I felt like a real turkey standing in front of the camera. I am by no means a model (unless they like them small and dumpy) and to be quite honest I don't really like a good picture. However, as time as gone on I have really got quite confident "posing" and it's such good fun, why not! One of my long term goals in blogging to to really develop my photography skills. I want to be more creative and experiment more and more. So when these fab Emily & Fin dresses turned up it was an ideal time to get my creative juices flowing.

I just adore fifties glamour. It is true femininity. Red lips, big lashes, big hair, hour glass shape. The Emily & Fin dresses capture this look perfectly. I wanted to try and get this look best I could, so I did a bit of vintage glam research I created my Pinterest fifties board & Let's get vintage just to get an idea of hair, make up etc. I adore these pics, they represent a time when (rightly or wrongly) a woman could be a woman.  I applied heavy black liquid liner with the noticeable cat flick. Filled my brows and applied matt red Tom Ford lipstick. I gave my hair a soft wave with the help of heated rollers and swept the front of my hair over to one side, gripped the sides of my hair up and back combed a little. My hair quite heavy, so I struggle to get the full "beehive", but I had some height.

The Lucy Dress-red skater figure

Just for effect I added some long satin gloves and of course, plenty of long pearls.The colour of this dress is amazing. So bright and cheery without being garish. The shape, like all of the Emily and Fin dresses flatters any shape and gives real womanly hour glass. This dress is so girly, but yet womanly at the same time.

My girl and me

The Abigail Dress-purple with black dots

Another fab colour. I have mentioned in previous posts that I am a colour girl. For some, they prefer black as it is less conspicuous, but personally I feel that colour gives you confidence. A strong bold colour un-doubly gives you courage and assurance that can't be found in dull, drab colours.
Anything dotty catches my attention, I am a true Minnie Mouse. I would imagine that this dress will be well worn. I would wear this for work, a night out or an occasion such a wedding/christening. Or  could even be worn as something a little more adventurous than the normal LBD for the Christmas party.

Th Isobel Dress-Purple sketchy floral 

Finally the purple sketchy floral Isobel dress. I really got arty with this picture and sprawled on the kitchen floor (it was clean). I put this photo on my Facebook page it got many positive responses, but the less creative asked why I was lying on the floor. Hey, think outside the box!
This dress is a royal colour explosion. Again the traditional shape, but with a fusion of patterns and colours.
All dresses the same, yet so different.

If any one has any suggestions how to spice my photos up, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts:-)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!!! flawless


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