The Fashionistas guide to Italy

As many of you know,  I travel a lot with my job. I am lucky enough to be able to spend some time in some of the most incredible places in Europe. I love to be able to combine my love and passion for fashion with the cities I am in. For me, by far, Italy has to be the most incredible place for watching the most amazing fashion.
Rome, is perhaps my favourite city in the world. Putting aside the splendour of the historic surroundings, I adore it for it diversity in Fashion. In Rome, there really seems to be no boundaries. You are free to express yourself with what you wear.
Italians are so overtly ostentatious, with their very bold style. They have few reservations when it comes to clothes. With Rome being one of the main fashion hubs in Italy, the city is just a catwalk for every Italian. They love to be watched and they are great to watch.
Rome is also an amazing place to shop. Many would think that it is expensive, but I found the clothes remarkably reasonable. You can fantasise in the Prada, Guggi or LV window, but there are also some beautiful shops that are the same price, if not cheaper than the UK. I recently bought a beautiful handmade leather holdall in Rome, it is now my lifelong friend.
Rome is only a small city and easily accessible by foot. You can admire the splendours of the wealthy at some of the most exclusive boutiques around the Spanish steps and within just a few minutes walk, shopping at the Via Cola di Rienzo with his high street fashion and plethora of cafes.
Rome truly is a fashionista's Mecca.
A Blogger's guide to Italy

The famous Spanish steps


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