How to reduce blood pressure in a juice

It's been a rough week this week and it wasn't  helped when we got the un-welcome news that Ian has got dangerously high blood pressure and this is causing kidney failure. We were genuinely shocked as Ian is very thin, runs about 30 miles per week and on the whole eats a healthy diet. That's not to say that he doesn't enjoy a few glasses of cheeky vino, but to have the blood pressure of a 70 year old obese man is just so wrong. He is quite a stressed person and has a stressful job, so I'm sure this doesn't help, but we now have 3 weeks to try and get it down. He started with his pills yesterday and I am trying to do my bit in the kitchen.
I did a large on-line shop. I bought a vast array of healthy goodies. Our cupboards are stuffed full of pulses, spinach, brown rice and beans. I also decided to buy the ingredients to make a "blood pressure reducing juice". We bought a fab Philips juicer last year and use it sporadically. It was time to dust it off, and start juicing again! The recipe I wanted to try was a melange of the following:
Celery, cucumber, spinach, green pepper, parsley, tomatoes hmmmm it sounds disgusting, but actually  it was ok. I won't go as far as to say nice, it tasted "healthy", but not as rank as you may think! 
Well, I've had a 5 mile run, had my healthy juice, and now I am having my well deserved glass of vino!
Will keep you posted on the hubby's progress


  1. hopefully that will helps, diet can help a lot in reducing the blood pressure, green tea does the job as well


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