Are we obsessed with our portable office?

Do you carry your portable office with you at all times? What I mean by portable office is your smart phone, ipad, which ever tablet you choose to use to record your life. Are you constantly tweeting, status updates on Facebook or updating your blog? I know I am. Sometimes I wonder how we ever got by before? It is just too easy now, we are literally able to record every second of our life through a tablet. Sometimes I wonder if we actually have time to live. Every memory is recorded by Instragram, every thought sent through Twitter. Some may argue that this is not how life should be, and although I do agree, for me, it suites my life perfectly. As a mummy to a two year old and running a business I simply don't know how I would do it all without having my portable office in my handbag. As soon as Scarlett falls asleep, I am straight to my tablet, every moment is precious when you have a busy lifestyle and modern technology just makes it so much easier to stay on top of everything.
There is another side to this on hand technology, which is vital and every single mother will know what I'm talking about is imperative when entertaining children. I am sure many mothers will gasp in horror at that comment, but wait until you have a long flight with a small child and you will wish to god that you had made that investment. It is easy to judge, but with so many educational apps, you really cannot turn your nose up at the benefits to teaching children from a young age how to use this type of technology. We have just invested in a small tablet for Scarlett, she is only two years old, but it's great for her. When she's stuck in the car, she can be learning her letters or numbers. It's important to understand how things work as she will need it in later life.
As a blogger I also use my tablet for writing posts. I have a Blogger app which allows me to write there and then, when the moment takes me and I have an idea. The cameras are of amazing quality nowadays so you can not only write your blog, but illustrate it with photos and all of the fab apps that are on offer to really create a great blog.

Whether you're for or against  carrying your office around with you, it cannot be denied that it is an important part of our lifestyle, it's multi functionality make it usable for work, play and pretty much every other time.

My portable Office by Currys 


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