Handbags, a girl's best friend

I thought I would write a post about bags. Since I was a little girl I have had a major obsession with bags. They're are the ultimate accessory. Perhaps it is because I was a chubby child and size didn't matter when it came to bags. You can happily treat yourself without having to worry if it fits you right or if your behind looks big. I have a bit of a appetite for colours as well. I love the way you can add a splash of colour to any outfit so easily, it can literally make an outfit. As I have got older my taste has become more expensive, so the frequency of my purchases are less, but I am safe guarding a fab collection that I can pass down to Scarlett and for her they will be vintage. She is such a lucky girl. I am also very lucky as Ian understands my love for bags and some times treats me for birthdays and Christmas to a cheeky Mulberry bag.
So, I have picked just a handful of some of my favourite bags to show you.

Jimmy Choo clutch
Mulberry evening bag in suede

This hot pink hand clutch by Jimmy Choo is super cute, it was one of the first of my collection. I love the colour and the dainty size. It's hard case fits perfectly into your hand. However  I have to admit, I haven't used this much as I have so much stuff when I go out I simply cannot fit it in. A great bag to use when you are wearing black as makes it a real statement piece. 
This beautiful Mulberry has been used to death. This was bought by Ian one day when we were out shopping at Selfridges in Manchester. He just appeared with it as a surprise! To say I was chuffed is an under statement. This is such a "goes with everything" bag. Very classy.

Alexander McQueen clutch
This Alexander McQueen clutch was a present to myself that I bought on a whim. A real guilty purchase. I saw it and just fell in love with it and just bought it on the spot. I then had to hide it for a few months before I gradually introduced it. I could then say without any word of a lie, "no it's not new". It is a real Mary Poppins bag. It looks small, but actually holds a huge amount. The sun burst orange colour is just happy. It makes me feel happy and despite being bright, it surprisingly goes with everything.

Jimmy Choo hard clutch
I liked this picture, but in hindsight you can't actually see the bag well at all. It is a melange of green colours in a long, hard case. It is very un-usual and very striking. I have to admit, I haven't actually used it yet, but I am loathed to sell it as it is too pretty:-)

Banana Republic clutch
This banana coloured clutch from Banana Republic is a cheaper version of the Alexander McQueen clutch. It has the same qualities of the orange clutch but in bright yellow, another one of my favourite primary colours. It is just so happy. Banana Republic is quite a new discovery for me. However, I have bought a few chosen pieces from there and it is certainly on my list of favourites at the moment.

So, just a taster of my collection. I could write an entire novel on my bags, but maybe I'll save it for another day. Which is your favourite???


  1. Would love the Jimmi choo! but would happily settle for Banana Republic. Love the post, I see you love handbags as much as I do!


  2. Beautiful clutches! There is no doubt that handbags and clutches are the best friends of women. Being a girl, I also love to collect clutches and handbags of different brands. Even I have a separate wardrobe for handbags. Recently, I purchased somewhat similar stuff in clutch from http://www.kilkennyshop.com/orlakiely.htm. The clutch is in leather in dark pink color and having durable zip and strap.


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