My very organised make-up kit

My very tidy make-up organiser
We're moving! The big move is going ahead, we've not got a moving date yet, but I think it will be around another 3 weeks. I haven't started to pack yet, but it is at the back of my mind.
I came across these fab make-up storage case on Amazon and thought it would be a good time to clear out my make-up draw and be organised.
I am an obsessive lipstick buyer. I cannot walk into a department store or Boots without picking up at least couple of shades. It has got so bad that I keep buying them and then fining I already have that shade at home! This is always an epic disappointment. My lipsticks were spread at the bottom of drawers, old shoe boxes and too many too many to count at the bottom of my bags.
I decided to be courageous and get everything out and have a massive clear out. I was ruthless. If I had worn it in 6 months, I was never going to wear it, so I threw about 6 carrier bags of make-up and kept a select few. I think my "select few" are probably a lot to many, but cosmetic junkies like me will understand. 

It gave me great pleasure carefully putting each piece is it's very own little compartment. I ran out of lipstick dividers and had to buy two more especially for them, which will hold an additional 48 lipsticks:-). I think it looks like a piece of art and can't stop admiring it.
It is also lovely to be tidy, tidy house, tidy mind! X


  1. I have similar perspex containers. They're so handy, but mine aren't as neat as you Now you need to buy another 48 lipsticks!!rs!

  2. Nice read! I like the suggestions.


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