My week in pictures

It's been a super busy week, so I've just not had chance to blog at all. I thought I'd do a super quick over view of the week.
I have been working in Dusseldorf. I am quite opinion less when it comes to Germany. I like it, I like the people, but truthfully I found few things to snap and put on my blog. I guess it just the places that I visit, as it is for work they tend to be the industrial areas. I very rarely get chance to see any nice places when I travel, which is a real shame. Germany was nice and warm, it was wonderful to feel the sun on my skin, it seems like such a long time! I have to point out this epic shower, which really took me by surprise. It was like a centre piece in the room. It was ok as I was sharing with Ian, but what if I had been with a colleague?! Even with Ian I felt a little self conscience. Just shows that the Germans are a little more extroverted than we are!

Since then, I have returned, but Ian is still there for the rest of the week. I realise how difficult it must be to be a single mother, I struggle balancing Scarlett and work. It is just so full on when you are on your own. I really have the ultimate respect for single mums, that is a serious job! I'm not sure that I could do it full time, my hat is off to you all. As it was just the two of us, I treated her to an epic shopping trip around Toys R Us. One of the many gifts she chose herself was this cute nurses outfit, which I had to take a pic of. Nurse Scarlett.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Nurse Scarlett looks adorable! :)

    xo Adrianne


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