Fancy a sneaky peek around my new pad?

Home sweet home

If you read my blog you'll know that we recently moved. As moves go, it hasn't been too stressful, but I think sub-consciously it is more stressful than perhaps you realise. We haven't moved too far away, Scarlett is still able to go to the same pre school and hang around with all of her buddies, but we just felt that we were out growing out of old house. There were toys every where, no storage and it was too close to the road with a two year old so we found this house and it fitted the criteria perfectly.

I think this is my favourite room, the kitchen. It's just got loads of space, so we can cook, eat and spend time together. I also love having friends over for diner, so it's perfect for "entertaining!".

The sun room is a new extension, it's so light and airy perfect for summer!

The sun room

One of the main reasons we moved was to have more outdoor space for Scarlett and to be away from the road. This is now the view from our back door. Nice and peaceful:-)

I finally have a dressing table. It's taken me to the age of 35, but I am now the proud owner of a dressing table!

This is the living room, which is on the second floor. It does feel odd having your sitting room upstairs, but to be honest we haven't used it yet as we are living in the sun room. I guess this is more for winter. It's still a little bare.

Hope you enjoyed a little insight into my new abode. I know that everyone likes a good nosey, I sure do!


  1. Oh I love it! The kitchen is my favourite and love the range in it that you have! Best of luck in your new home :) Also I'm 30 and haven't got a dressing table so maybe when i'm 35 I will have one lol xx

  2. Your house is absolute gorgeous oh wow!
    love victoriajanex


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