ASOS MARKETPLACE, here we come!

As you know I also have my little clothing website which keeps me busy! As much as we love to sell online, we thought it would be great to "spread the word", so we are now selling on Amazon, soon to be PLAY and Asos marketplace. Asos is without doubt the one that excites me most. I have spent hour after hour drooling over their epic collections and soon we will be show casing the best of Scarlett Fashion, hoorrayyy!!! ASOS are quite specific about their guidelines, which is fair enough, it means every Tom, Dick and Harry can't just sell on there. Instead you see a vast range of distinctive, professional boutiques. They ask for the photos to be clean, to the point and show the best of the product. So we booked it in the diary to take a few cheeky pics to see how it would go. Unfortunately, the day of the photoshoot the heavens opened and it was the day from hell. As a tough Northern girl, we decided not to let the weather spoil it and braved the harsh rain.

A few examples of how the pics turned out. We have now decided that some of the pictures look a little dark, so are going to give it another go in the near future when the sun is shining.

Look out for us on ASOS Marketplace!


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