Bike print dress, sun, ice-cream and of course Scarlett

Countryside "the land and scenery of a rural area."

We made the most of probably one of the last days of summer. My mum, Scarlett and myself were asked to do the cover of a local tourist magazine, showing 3 generations enjoying the different activities that the Ribble Valley has to offer. It was a nice excuse to spend some time with the girls team and the weather was super kind to us. The sun shone brightly, if felt more like July than early September. The village we live in and the surrounding villages looked even more beautiful. I love where we live, I feel so lucky. I am not a "country girl" by any means. I love the hustle and bustle of the cities, adore shopping and like eating out, but when you have a little one the open space is so important. This little area in North West England suites me just fine.

I wore this beautiful Emily and Fin Bike Print Dress. It has a traditional, feminine, English feel to it. I love the bright blue colour and the full A line skirt.The bike print symbolises the British summer time, even more so this year with the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire, where I am originally from.


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