Copenhagen has to be one of my favourite cities. It is a large city, but it manages to keep a rare calmness and tranquillity. It also stands out how clean it is,  you don't feel dirty and full of pollutants as you do in many capitals. I have just spent the past 4 days in Denmark. It is the first time that I have been in 8 years, so I was actually quite excited to rekindle my relationship with the Danish capital. My trips vary in how much actual time I get to spend there, but I had a bit of free time to walk the streets and soak up the wonderful Danish atmosphere that I have missed.

I stayed at the buzzing Nyhavn which is a cluster of former shipping buildings which are now fantastic restaurants, buzzing bars and trendy cafes. Nyhavn translates to "New Harbour" is a 17th century waterfront which still houses some amazing boats and ships. It is also the former home of the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. Unfortunately it is not the best season to visit Hyhavn as it is icy cold and the long line of outdoor seating doesn't look quite as appealing. They do offer outdoor heaters and blankets, but I wasn't convinced. The bars and cafes are dimly lit by candlelight and there is a super cosy atmosphere everywhere you go. On a summer's evening you can't move in this busy drinking spot for tourists and Danes making the most of the local beer and sunshine.

It's not just the country that I love it's the people. I guess it's like anywhere, it's the people who make it. This advert for Carlsberg tickled me when I landed. "Welcome to the world's happiest nation". It is true that the Danes have been voted the world's happiest nation. I guess that there must be something making them so happy:-)

Denmark is super expensive, but they have the salary to match, although it's not great for those visiting. It has one of the worlds lowest un-employment. They pay high tax, but have a real social responsibility for their patriots. They live good lives, but are not consumed by wealth and belongings. I guess this is why they are so content.

Winter isn't the best season to see how stylish they can be, opting more the quilted coat in an attempt to keep warm. However, as soon as the sun sheds a glimmer of sunshine this beautiful nation dress to impress. The girls are stunning and the boys handsome. Copenhagen has some amazing shops. Cute little boutiques hidden off the main drag, but also fab department stores such as ILLUM, you can browse for hours at the beautiful handbags and designer clothes. Danish girls are not afraid to show off their bods and to be fair the majority of them are a sight for sore eyes.

I can't wait go head back to this city, but next time hopefully I won't be working and will have more time and I will definitely wait for the sun to come out.


  1. I absolutely adored Copenhagen! There is just something SO unique about Denmark. I also visited in winter - December to be precise. The candle lit bars/restaurants made for such a cosy feel. Nyhavn is just so picturesque, I've just returned from Gdansk and their harbour is similar to could be the new Copenhagen! xx

  2. Wow! Copenhagen looks gorgeous, I definitely want to travel here someday.
    x Francesca


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