Sunday swimming

As it's been a chilled, healthy weekend, swimming seemed like the perfect day end to it.
Scarlett adores swimming and goes twice weekly with pre school, but to my shame, we rarely go together. She often asks, but life is just so busy and in all honesty, it's not my favourite sport. I am too much a girly girl and the thought of being splashed by kids, mascara running (OK I know I'm just swimming, but it makes me happy) and worst of all getting in and out of the pool in your cozy, hoping to god that you don't see anyone that you know. There also seems something a little gross about public swimming baths. Apologies if I am sounding a bit like a snob, but I am a bit of a clean freak. There seems to always be that old plaster floating by, the general thought of so many people's body dirt being mixed together in one place and how many people do actually pee in the pool? I am guessing more than I would like to contemplate. Anyway, putting all of this aside, it's healthy and a lovely way of spending some real quality time with my little princess.

Someone is excited

Some of the key benefits to swimming;

  • It burns fat
  • It's low impact so there is a lot less pressure on your joints, it's a great recovery exercise, also ideal for Arthritis
  • It uses almost all of the muscles in your body, making it a perfect all over body workout
  • Swimming helps soothe the mind
  • It's a sport that can be done with the whole family and doesn't matter the level of the swimmer or the fitness
  • Increases circulation
  • Builds strength and improves flexibility
  • Makes a stronger heart

For all these reasons I let my inhibitions go and we had a great time!

Scarlett is improving so much with her swimming and I feel quite sad because they are skills she's picked up when I've not been there to teach her (there is always something to feel guilty about as a working mum!). We bumped into loads of her friends at the pool so it was a real social affair.

She is now fast asleep on the sofa, another great benefit to swimming! 

Tonight is move night, we're watching Tarzan with popcorn:-)

I know that a lot of my posts are quite health orientated at the moment, but for me feeling healthy is all part of the fashion/beauty package. Unless we feel good inside and have energy then it's hard to find the motivation to make the outside look good. I have also noticed that I am more tired recently. Whether this is due to my busy lifestyle, or maybe I am just getting old..booooooo:-( I have started to take more of an interest in what I put inside my body. I have just ordered a whole loads of healthy goodies which I will show you all this week:-)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend whatever you got up to! 


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