Another Space NK shopping haul

I am offically addicted to Space NK. If I was rich I would have one of everything. Space NK is yet another one of my weaknesses. From time to time (or quite often) I will browse the website during my lunch and drool over pretty much everything. I believe everything they promise me. I am a marketing person's dream. If they tell me it will make me youthful and glowy, how could I possibly not buy into that at a mere £50? So the credit card comes out and once again I have to try and hide it from Ian. Even though I am often disappointed with the results, I spend the days waiting for my order impatiently watching the post. The excitement of opening that magic black box can only be compared to a 6 year old opening their presents on Christmas day. Total and utter joy with high expectations.

This is Tea to Tan It told me that I would have a glowing sun kissed look, How could I refuse?  At £36 it's not cheap, but by no means expensive by Space NK standards.

The Tea Tan comes with a easy droplet, although it is kind of tricky to put on without it making a mess. You have to apply and blend rather quickly. It dries nicely and easily and leaves a non sticky glow, as promised.

The nail polish is by Rococo in the sale at just £3. Top bargain! I am obsessed with think natural/grey colour at the moment. I find it goes with everything and looks very smart for work and meetings. Unfortunately, it looks like they are sold out of this shade, but there are a few colours left at this amazing price.

Close up Selfie!

The result. A light glow and pink lips courtesy of Shu uemura. Like it? I think it has quite a sixties look to it. I generally opt for brighter lipsticks, normally anything that contains the word Coral, but I decided a change was in order.

The Jump Start Sugar Scrub is still waiting in the cupboard for a cosy, candle lit bath, next time I have a spare 30 minutes to myself.

Check out all of the Space NK NY Sale bargains here. Please share your top finds with me, I LOVE trying new products:-)


  1. Ooh I love the look of the Rococo nail varnish, I really like grey nails! I love coral lipsticks too but this pink suits you!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens


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