Family days are the best

Some times the most simple days are the best. Today was one of those days. Take a family meeting up, who live 3 hours apart, 3 kids, some food and you have a great day.

My brother came over to visit today from Beverley, East Yorkshire with his wife and 2 boys. It was the first time that they had been to our new house and it is now our 7th month, so you can see we don't see each other regularly! The nicest part for me was Scarlett spending time with her cousins. There is quite an age gap, Dan is 10 and Matt is 14, but Scarlett just adores them. My parents came over as well and it was lovely for them to see all of their grand kids together.

The boys protected her as if she was their baby sister. It was too cute.

Scarlett was wearing her Mango Kids pink suede jacket which I am desperately looking for in my size!
Adorable burgundy boots with love hearts from Asda and an Asda dress-bargain!



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