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I am very happy to introduce my first guest blog by the fashion enthusiast, Jasmine. She explains how we can all become trendy:-) I will be publishing a few more guest posts in the next week or two. If you would like to guest post for me, please get in touch!

How to Become Trendy

Hello Everyone! This is Jasmine from I am very thankful to Karen for allowing me to contribute a post on her blog. Today I am going to share how to become trendy & fashionable. Hopefully you will find this post helpful. You can follow me on Twitter or Google +.
You must have heard a lot about fashion on the television, Internet and from your friends, but is that enough to be fashionable? It might help a few people, but overall it is extremely difficult to apply such things in life and become stylish like a Hollywood celebrity.

Before looking to become fashionable yourself, you need to be aware of what fashion actually is. When you ask this question to the people around, they will tell you that fashion is what most of the stars worldwide do. Their dressing, lifestyle, footwear and all of the other things they do in professional and personal life is considered to be fashion.
However, this is a wrong perception, as being fashionable does not mean to copy others no matter how popular they are. You have to create your own style and go for things that suit you more than your favourite celebrities.
Some people are so much obsessed that they even go for expensive facial surgeries to look like their favourite personality. Is this what fashion is all about? I don’t think so, as this is just an attempt to look like another person, who is famous for being original. If you wish to copy something, it should be the originality.
Fashion is about being who you are. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is assess your body, features and hair. This will give you an idea of what things to adopt and what to leave. For example, long hair won’t suit you in case you have got a broad face cut. So, make sure that you have arranged your hair properly. 

Similarly, the dressing has to be decided according to your physique. If you have put on some weight, it would not be ideal for you to opt for skin-fitting clothes. Instead, you should look for loose wear that will make you look better. No matter what you wear, remember that it has to be worn in a stylish manner. Your way of carrying things will make you fashionable rather than putting on all of the expensive stuff.
In case you have got a special cut skirt with a bold pattern, try wearing a plain tee in order to make the skirt appear more prominent. Go for stylish footwear that is trendy such as garage shoes have got great collection of trendy shoes. You can opt for tall boots during the winter or fall whereas you will get plenty of options during the summers.

Once you have decided your hair, footwear and clothes, you then have to go for the makeup, which has to complement the former two things. Once again, you have to be original and copying others will not do any good to you. Try not to overdo anything and if you have a fair complexion; only mascara will do the trick for you.
However, you can apply a bit more makeup if you are going to a wedding or any other party where you feel that makeover is important. Add in some jewelry as well just in order to appear more graceful. A gold or silver necklace would suffice, but you can look for a few more things that are in fashion.

Accessories are optional, but carrying a bag would make you look more fashionable. There are plenty of cool handbags available in the market, but a black leather bag will definitely look more dashing. Other than a bag, you should also look at a few more accessories available at Scarlett Fashion. My personal favourite is a scarf, as it makes you look vivacious.
Finally, you have to be beautiful from the inside to attract people towards you. No matter how much trendy you become or whatever your lifestyle is, you will be unable to impress others if you are not attractive at heart. Clothes, footwear, accessories and makeover will only make your outside more attractive, but that is not what really makes a difference at the end of the day. Set new standards of fashion by decorating your inner self and feel the difference.


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