Making sports wear fashionable-Guest Blog

We typically associate sportswear with running, going to the gym or playing actual sports. But, with endless quirky fashion trends, sportswear is actually creeping into our everyday wardrobes. Fashion trends come and go, and sometimes come back around!
Lets take a look at running shoes, created initially for runners, as the name suggests. But you may notice up and down the high streets on a busy Saturday morning endless pairs of fabulously colourful running shoes, teamed with little frilly socks, to add a girly touch. And it doesn't stop there, todays fashion trends see’s trainers worn with skirts, dresses, shorts and pretty much anything else that looks funky! Who’d have thought that style could be so comfortable?
Another relaxed style garment is harems and leggings. A modern wardrobe essential, if you ask me! Leggings are suspiciously similar to yoga pants, a feminine piece of sportswear. Skin tight, elasticated, cotton leggings are amazingly versatile, and not only are they everyday wardrobe essentials, many people wear them to work out in as well!
The classic polo shirt, often worn in school P.E. lessons among other sporting activities is quite masculine. But in recent trends the feminine peter pan collar blouses and tops have similarities to polo shirts. Perhaps a more stylish twist as colours and patterns are very diverse.
With vintage styles taking over fashion, another sporting classic is the track jacket. Very vintage and ever more popular to wear over stone wash denim, dresses and of course some running shoes!
As well as sportswear slowly making its way into our everyday outfits, sportswear itself is always evolving to be trendy. The vast range of colours available from trainers, to hoodies and tracksuit bottoms, you can be co-ordinated and cool at the gym or conjure up a wacky colourful outfit for running in the evenings.
Fashion comes in many shapes and sizes and people are constantly looking of ways to be unique and original. Developing existing styles into something else is a creative way of making a statement. There are a lot of outrageous clothing designs nowadays which gives people the confident to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.
Emily Matthews works in ecommerce at Sports Direct. After graduating in design she now creates blogs and social media content specialising in sportswear, jackets and coats, collaborating with fashion bloggers to advice and discuss topics relevant to this category. For more information you can visit the sports direct website  Sports


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