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Italian Life

A visual post from me today. When I was in Italy I took time to take in the beautiful surroundings. I slipped into the Italian way of life by enjoying several espressos in some quaint cafes. Italy reminds me of one of my closest friends Lia, who sadly ended her own life two years ago at the age of 30. There are various reasons surrounding it, but it still baffles me as she was one of the most vivacious people I have ever met. So full of  life. I lived with Lia at university. She was a little plump and a real toy boy. After uni she lost alot of weight and really found her true "Italian Style". She turned into such a fashionista and loved to spend at Prada, LV and Chanel. I could not help but have many thoughts about Lia whilst I sipped on my espresso and took in the surroundings.


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