Scarlett wears Yumi at Lake Como

Lake Como

Italian Style

This is a delayed post from my recent trip to Italy. As you may know, we left our suitcase in the lift at the hotel with our keys and camera in it. TNT took more than ten days to finally sent the case back. Happily, I now have my camera back, so I can share some of my pictures with you.

Ian and I were working at Lake Como. We are lucky enough to have one of our main customers by Lake Como:-) We also had other customers in Turin we needed to see. As one could see us one week and the other could only see us the following week, we had no alternative but to stay the weekend...gutted! I thought I would take the opportunity to take a few pictures and share it with you. The majority of our business trips are industrial estates in the rough suburbs of a city. We very rarely get chance to see anything, however, this was an exception and we actually had a little time.

I like Italian style. It stands out from the rest of Europe. Countries such as France, who are famous for chic style, in my opinion are very dull. They are scared to stand out from the crowd and stay safe. They wear dark colours which blend in with the crowd. Italians are different. They are ostentatious. They wear what they want and behave how they want. I am not saying that I like their style, but I respect the fact that they enjoy to dress. They like to stand out. They are not scared to make a statement. For me, Italy is my favourite place to people watch. I adore to watch the over sized sunglasses,  the handbag pooches and the leather tans. They take pride in their appearance, even if they often get it wrong. Although, who is to say this is wrong?
I like the fact you can wear whatever you want in Italy and no one will bat an eye lid.

What I wore

We headed out for the day to Bellagio. A beautiful small town on the lake. It is famous as the second home of George Clooney, although I have yet to see him! Despite the vast number of tourists, it keeps it's rustic, chic, Italian charm. It oozes style, sophistication and is bursting with character. I decided to make an effort for our day trip.

We stopped off for a cheeky glass of Presecco in the warm sunshine. It was a lunchtime drink, which I rarely do as it always goes straight to my head and I'm exhausted for the rest of the day, but hey, when in Rome...

My dress was new. It was an emerald green Yumi dress with gold bird detail. I loved it straight away as it was very different from anything I had seen. I loved the mix of emerald green with gold detail, to give an almost royal look. It has a granddad colour and 3/4 length sleeves. The dress rests on the knee with a chiffon overlay and thing, brown leather belt.

If  you love this dress find it online for just £45.


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