Don't judge me because I like make-up

OK, bit of a personal rant, but here we go…

One of my greatest irritations in life is when I get judged by my appearance.
I am by far a dolly bird. What I mean by this is that I don’t have peroxide blonder hair or totter around in clothing that my body tells me that I shouldn’t, so why do I get judged so quickly?
I am a girly, girl there is no doubt. This comes from years of watching my mum apply her make-up carefully every morning and never leaving the house without her full eye make-up on. I don’t like to go out with my trackies on and bare faced. Maybe it’s an insecurity on my part, who knows, who cares. Most importantly, I don’t care so why should others? I do enjoying dressing well. I like my heels and have a small obsession with lip glosses, but that’s just me. Don’t try and change me.

Throughout my life I have had people make “joke” comments about the fact I like my make-up and choose to often comment on it. I don’t comment on the fact you don’t wear make-up, so why are you so bothered about my face???

I have had it at work as well. I am now in my mid thirties, but have been working in a professional environment since I was 21 and left university. I have a degree, speak 3 languages, not the brightest person in the world, but far from dumb, but I do choose to dress nicely for work, with heels and make-up. Particularly when I was younger I was often not taken seriously as I was young and enjoyed wearing dresses and generally looking feminine. Often was I snubbed in a meeting, spoken down to by a male or looked up and down by a snotty older woman.

Well to draw my annoyance to a close, here are my final comments;
If you find yourself commenting on others and what they look like, you need to take a step back and ask why? Why do I care what that person does/says/wears? Maybe I have the issue? Maybe I feel threatened? Maybe I’m jealous. Maybe none of the above are true, but people need to open their minds a little and not instantly make a judgement or even a comment, you would not like it in return.

...OK rant over!


  1. I agree with all of this! It's so silly and unnecessary when other people feel the need to judge people based on their preferred aesthetic.


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