It's got personal...

You may have noticed that there has been a lack of posts recently, the reason is that our site has gone through a bit of an up grade. I will do a post dedicated to this in the near future, but basically we have moved over to WordPress, which I have to say has been a great move. The site is so much easier to use and we have changed domain so it is faster aswell. Anyway, the point to my story is that originally when I started the blog it was to try and promote the website, but the more I did it, the more I fell in love with blogging and wanted to blog about everything that went on in my life, not just related to my website. I now have a small blog on the same domain as the website for SEO purposes, but it means that this blog is now 100% personal!
I don't think I will be able to post as often as I have two blogs and a website to run! But it means that I can really express myself which is something that had really started to get me down, I felt restricted in my posts.
So this is the first post of many which will be all about the daily goings on in my life. It will still be heavily fashion related, as that is my passion, but a bit of everything else especially parenting!

Very excited! Hopefully you will all support me. I really now feel like a true blogger!!!

Selfie of my princess and I


  1. I 100% support both your blogs! I'm so glad you've fallen in love with it, it's such a fun hobby!

    Can't wait to read your personal posts! xx

  2. Hey There-
    Loved your blog !!!
    You look stunning !
    (Saw you on IFB)

    I am looking for a great blogger to do mutual writing about each other !!!
    Let me know if you are interested :)

    This is my email !

  3. Hi Mey,
    Great, just dropped you an e-mail xxx


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