Blogger's Love Fashion Week

Blogger's Love Fashion Week

I recently attended Blogger's Love Fashion Week which was held at The Penthouse, Leicester square.
Blogger's love host many Blogger events in London, but as I am stuck in the good old north, it's a bit of a trek normally, but I decided to attend this one as both a blogger and a brand.

View from the Penthouse

The view, as you can see, was amazing. A fab vista of central London. To a norther who lives in the back of beyond and sees just a few tractors and sheep on the way to work, this impressed me.

We started the day off doing a "Blogger Challenge". This was basically each brand had their area to display their goods and bloggers visited freely to chat, perhaps try on goods and review products. As I had agreed to this pretty last minute, I didn't have the best spot as I was on the top floor in the corner, so it certainly didn't have same buzz as the lower floor. Also, as this was the first time I had gone to anything like this I wasn't really prepared. I hadn't brought a proper rail, so I had to "make do". I was a bit disappointed I must admit as I don't think it the presentation of it showed our ranges to their full potential. Anyway, like anything, I have learnt my lesson and I will be more prepared next time. It was nice to meet other bloggers. When people have something in common there is always a friendly vibe, like an un-said secret that everyone knows.

Bloggers mingle

Goodie bags!

After this two hour event, I went downstairs and treated myself to a yummy blogger cocktail. I met with the blogger stylist for the evening Lauren who is based in London. She has a fab little blog, check it out. She has also just set up her own social media company. 

It was then onto the fashion show in the evening. I was displaying my SS14 range along with a couple of other brands. While I helped dress the models, Lauren stayed on the front line and kindly look these pictures for me.

Bloggers wait for the fashion show to start

Go Dotty Dress

Frida Dress
Frida dress, zig-zag dress, cactus dress

The models were fab and I think our clothes looked great. It was nicely to attend something like this as both a brand and a blogger. It was hard work getting everything prepared for the show and the models did a fab job. I am looking forward to attending just as blogger next time and being able to relax a little!

Great meeting you all!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun. :) I am a Northerner as well, so I love getting down to London for events like these.


  2. Fits just as it is described. I got so many compliments when I wore it out that it was probably one of the best dress purchases I've ever made! And at a fraction of the cost.
    Maggie Sottero Dresses


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