Spring is all about the colour yellow

 I love yellow

Spring is the season to be yellow

Spring has arrived! We no longer travel to work in the dark and return home in the dark, trying our hardest to find a glimmer of light during our lunch breaks. Tis the season of change.
It's the season of bunnies, chicks and daffodils.
We have even seen some glimmer of hope that we may get a good summer as the sun sneaked out to tease us recently.
I LOVE Spring. It has to be my favourite season. Generally May sees some good weather which means that we don't have to spend every evening in front of the box, we can get out and do things! Now that it's lighter and I am training for my marathon (it still sounds scary when I say it out loud!) I can get a bit of training in early evening. I can take Scarlett out to the park after work. The days just seem longer and you feel less tired. I also notice that I loose weight in spring, not sure if it's the thought of getting my body out when the weather turns, or because I'm not sat filling my face every single evening in front of Corrie.
One of the best parts of this time of year, is that we can put our big coats and jumpers into hibernation and start to think about a whole new wardrobe. People seem able to express themselves with clothes more when the weather warms up. It seems people are more daring about trying new colours and styles. What better colour to wear to celebrate spring? Yellow!
Here are top 3 yellow favs:
Each one of these dresses cannot help but make you feel chirpy and ready for the sunshine!
Five reasons why yellow is a great colour;
  1. It reminds you of the sunshine
  2. Bright colours lighten your mood
  3. The colour yellow makes us more mentally alert
  4. It makes us optimistic
  5. It gives us confidence
And if that's not enough reason to love the colour yellow, surely this is:


  1. I adore spring too! It's funny, I was talking about all the reasons you gave to my other half yesterday. I used to love autumn, but spring is really pulling out the stops this year. The Sugarhill pansy prom dress is by far, my favourite! It's so so pretty xx

  2. :-) Let's hope the sun comes out this year:-) xxx


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