Beautiful butterfly print dress by Yumi-OOTD

Flutter of Fancy dress

I realised that I haven't done an OOTD for a while, so I thought I'd do a bit of modelling for you!
I just don't seem to have any time any more and although you may think taking a few pictures just takes minutes, it really doesn't. By the time I weigh up whether I've got time, I'm already late and rushing to drop Scarlett at nursery and get to work in time. I don't think that I have actually been on time for work since Scarlett has been born. It is just impossible leaving the house. It was difficult as a baby, but as she is getting older it is actually harder than it was before. She is on her way to be potty trained, but that results in needing a wee approximately every 3 minutes, which is a nightmare when you are out. She is also such an independent little miss that she insists on doing everything herself. Don't get me wrong this is great, but a two year old dressing herself, putting her shoes on and cleaning her own teeth takes some time, and when you are running late it is the cause if major anxiety!

Life is busy in general at the moment, we are moving house in two weeks, the business is busy and we have lots of over seas trips coming up and on top of this we are on with our training plan for our up coming marathon. I love being busy, I really do, but sometimes I just feel like 5 minutes, just to sit and breathe. 

Anyway, I managed to find 5 minutes and took a few pics of one of my new Yumi dresses. It a fab dress for this time of year. Summery, but not bare. As it's still a little chilly, I teamed it up with black has to be very hot for me to get my tree trunks out! This shift dress is loose fitting and a very relaxed shape which make a it easy and comfortable to wear.

Flutter of fancy dress

Flutter of Fancy dress       
 I just love the colour, bold and bright. The print quirky, pretty and makes you feel like spring. Scarlett loves to count the number of butterflies, but she hasn't got enough fingers.

I used to always wear plain clothing, but as I am getting older I am getting more daring with prints. There are so many around this season I am spoilt for choice.

Is it a yey or a nay?


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