My night in with Frank

 Frank Body

No I haven't started a mad love affair with a bloke called Frank, quite the opposite, Ian, Scarlett and I have been moving ourselves into our new pad. It has been an exhausting few days, but finally we are in. It is starting to feel like home, but we are still amongst the boxes and have lists and lists of "jobs to do". Scarlett seems to be loving her new abode, although she has been particularly clingy and a bit whiny all week, I guess it's a big change for a 2 year old. Her most favourite thing of all is her new sand pit, which we have enjoyed hours and hours of fun in. 

My bath time buddy

I will pencil in a full post on the new place and you can have a nosey around, I just need to un-pack a bit more first!

With the move and a very stressful time at work, my marathon training plan has been put on the back burner. It is very frustrating not having the time to run, but also I have hurt my knee and have really bad sciatica, I have been eating crap, so all in all, I feel sluggish, flabby and tired! I was have a brief glance through a beauty blogger's post the other day and came across a review for this Australian branded body scrub made of coffee, named "Frank". I am a beauty whore. A marketing persons dream, so I went online and bought myself and my mum some of this coffee body scrub to try. There were a couple of types to choose from; original, which was sweet almond and orange or coconut and grape seed.  I decided to try the coconut and grape seed. I have to say the write up of the product on their website impressed me, it claimed to help with cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins and eczema! If it could do anything with my cellulite I am more than willing to go it a go. It had arrived a couple of weeks ago and I thought that opening a packet of coffee mid move may be a messy. So, a couple of days after the move, Scarlett and I had a bath together and thought it would be a great idea to tear open this beauty magic wonder bag.

Messy, was a bit of an under statement. In hindsight, this is more of a shower product. I cringed as it went all over my new bath room and new towels. Scarlett on the other hand thought that it was amazing and enthusiastically gathered handfuls and helped scrub my body. It said to leave it on my body for around 5 minutes which was a little tough, but I stuck to the instructions. As you can imagine I looked slightly scary.

As I washed it off there was no doubt that my skin felt soft. Not sure about the cellulite as I don't have any full size mirrors up yet, but I think it would take more than a packet to solve that problem! My bum was super smooth though and my skin felt soft to touch. 
The clear up session was quite epic, but I guess it added a fun element to it, and the lovely smell of coffee kind of made it feel like a very natural product.

Would I use this product again? Yes, I think I would. At 15 USD it is by no means expensive, it did cross my mind that I would probably be able to do a DIY version, but I'd never get around to it is a messy product, so if you choose to try it, give yourself a bit of time both for the operation and the post clear up. I'd like to see a few more products added to the Frank range, it is fun and fresh and I adore the quirky marketing style.


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