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Sugarhill Boutique collection AW14

One of the great part of my job is choosing next season's collections. I can never get my head around how early it needs to be picked, we are barely into spring and already autumn/winter is already selected.

Each collection is chosen differently, but the Sugarhill Boutique collection has to go through an agent, this particular one is based in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, where the majority of wholesalers are based.

The agent has a wonderful loft in the city which to the majority of women is like walking into Willie Wonker's factory as a child. Rail after rail of amazing clothing.

It can be tricky picking. Firstly, the vast choice, you have to know when to stop, secondly, generally you always pick what you like and what you would wear, but sometimes you have to be careful and not get too personal in your style and finally you have to try and  do a bit of research ahead of going to see what is going to be the next big thing the following season. The agent tends to be good and tell you what is popular, but I will ignore him if I really dislike a piece. I simply cannot buy it.

Sugarhill Boutique is one of my favourite collections and AW14 did not fail to impress!

I think my favourite had to be the dress in picture two. It is a simple shift dress with a fab forest image. These type of dresses always do well, they are just so unique.

Shift dresses are so in this autumn/winter. It is all about the shift dress! This season we saw skater shape dresses being very popular. Very girly, feminine styles. Winter gets more sophisticated and the shapes simple. The great thing with shift dresses in winter is that you can team it up with thick tights or leggings and they always look amazing with chunky boots. Get yours ready for next season!

Sugarhill stuck with their signature quirky prints, but introduced new animals, new patterns and new shapes along with the traditional cutesy animal Christmas jumper.

Unfortunately, we have a few more months before we see any of these on our website, but the spring/summer collection is still just coming through with another drop off mid summer.

I'm also looking at adding a few more lines. I particularly like Emily and Fin and also a new make called Wal G I would love to know what you think of them and if there are any special pieces that you think I should invest in!


  1. All of those tops in the first picture look so fun, I can't wait to see more this fall!

  2. Love Sugarhill as a brand and Emily and Fin. Not a fan of Wal G, Topshop stock them and they're always on the small side. Loving the blue dress with the donkey print. If you were in the northern quarter, I hope u stopped by Home Sweet Home for a brew! Xx

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, I think I may give Emily and Fin a whirl:-0 xxx


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