You don't have to be a bitch to have a sucessful career

Why is it all women bosses are deemed as power crazed, egotistical, money obsessed bitches? 

I loathe this stereotypical idea that any woman that wants to get on in the work place you have to be a power obsessed, back stabbing, heartless bitch. It simply is not true and in my experience quite the opposite. I think women makes the best bosses.
I work in a very male driven industry. I rarely have meetings with women, most of the shows I attend are 99% men. However, on the rare occasion I do have the pleasure to work with a woman it is always by far a more pleasant experience. 
I have found that men generally have bigger egos. When I meet a new make buyer, 50% is business, 50% how wonderful they are, how powerful they and how much they have achieved in their career. You simply never have this with women. In fact quite the opposite. I think women don't like to come across too full of themselves and instead like to get to know the person on a personal note. Women talk about family, children. Business is straight to the point without the inevitable guns at dawn stand off.
Reading this back to myself I sound like a feminist. I'm not at all. I think men and women have different skills and excel in different areas.
In the work place there are good bosses and bad bosses. Black and white, it is not about the sex. There are women who do abuse their position as there are men who do the same. It annoys me that because a woman wants to be successful and wants a career than she has to be put into a "ball busting" bracket. 
In my job I would consider myself to be "middle management", I have a small team of three that I manage. I personally feel that being a women gives me better people skills to manage people and situations. 
It's time that men and women stop giving women bosses a bad name. It is possible to be a nice person and have a successful career, they are not mutually exclusive!


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