The things that make me happy

So much is going in my life right now, I just don't have a minute. Our house is literally up side down, boxes every where, toys on the floor. Walking into every room fills me with anxiety. I hate living like this, I know it's not long, we move next Friday, so just another 10 days, but it puts me on edge and out of control. I feel like I can't concentrate on my work as there is so much clutter around me. I am training for my marathon. I am only on week four of my 16 week training plan, so it is still pretty easy going at the moment, but I am running 4 to 5 times per week and still have my trainer every week. It is kind of taking it out on my body, my muscles are a little tired and I feel a general fatigue. This is not helped by the fact Scarlett has reverted to new born habits in the night. She wakes pretty much every two hours. I am just exhausted in the morning, but still have to get my butt to work. On top of this I have a full time job. I do feel tired, but I thought to myself this morning as I was doing an out door boxing session with Simone before breakfast, stop being a whiny pain in the arse. I loathe whining constantly and I have started to do it! STOP! I looked up at the beautiful sunshine this morning and thought; I am the luckiest person in the world. I have no major issues, my "problems" are all superficial and generally brought on by my annoying habit of wanted to do everything. So, this has inspired me to write my top 5 things that make me happy!
  • This little lady is clearly top of my list! She drives me crazy, she has aged me, she can be so naughty, but the happiness she brings me is un-like any other. She is now two and a half. You can really see her personality coming through and she is growing up to be such a sweet little girl. She loves looking after people and is so gentle and caring, she makes my heart melt and makes me feel like the proudest mummy in the world. I include in this point, my lovely husband, who still gives me butterflies, my amazing mum and dad, who are there for me no matter what. Having a loving family I truly feel is the most important part of life and gives you more happiness that anything else.

  • This is a really sad geeky one, but work makes me happy. Don't get me wrong on a dark, rainy Monday morning I am not not jumping out of bed, desperate to get in the office. However, work gives me satisfaction. I have my every day job and my online clothes store they both fill me with energy and it is such an amazing feeling to create something and every bit of success is like a little reward.
  • Ofcourse blogging has to come into it. I like to blog about fashion, it excites me, but I have found the longer I do it, the more I am finding that I really enjoy life blogging aswell. It's nice to talk about how I am feeling rather than just what I am wearing. I guess it's like an online diary that you can really say anything that you want.
  • My friends. After I got divorced 6 years ago. I really learnt alot about my real friends. I was shocked how many people were not there for me when I really needed them and some people that I would never have thought really stepped up to the mark. Since having Scarlett I have a new set of friends "mummy friends". They are not how I envisaged mummys to be. I thought that they all be Daily Mail readers with an opinion on everything and very small minded. Don't get me wrong I have come across quite a few of these people over the past few years, but my close friends are just lovely. They are also open minded and caring. We all support each other and it is so nice knowing that you have this help and friendship close by.
  • Aspirations is my final point. It makes me happy having aspirations for the future. I am constantly planning new things, new adventures and planning for the future. I have a massive bucket list. It makes me happy when I get excited about a new venture or idea. 
There are of course a million other things that make me happy, but I would be here all day!
So if you are feeling stressed or a bit glum, make a "happy list" you may just feel a little brighter!


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