A snapshot of our day at Cahors

Today we were fooled into thinking that the weather was poor and it was a good day to visit the local town of Cahors. How wrong we were! The sun came out a little later than normal, but when it did, it shone bright and it was hot, hot, hot!  A little too warm to wander around a town with a two year old! 
We made the best of it and made sure that there were plenty of rest stops for water and ice-cream.


I wore this Zig-Zag multi coloured dress . I feel super girly in this  Mexican inspired zig-zag pattern dress. It's so cheerful with an explosion of colours; burnt orange, blue, red, cream and burgundy. It is  fitted on top with a skater style skirt which is just perfect in the hot sunshine. The cut out back is great for that extra bit of air conditioning!

Cahors is a small city with the traditional old town as most french towns. Before I married I spent a year living in the old town of Nice. It was an amazing time in my life, working and living in Nice, partying like a crazy person and endless sunny days on the beach. So wandering around the rustic old town brought back happy memories.  It didn't quite have the "je ne sais quoi" of Nice, which is a hub for tourists, poets, artists with a sprinkling of the very wealthy, Cahors was much more traditional. 


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