La vie est belle

After a busy few months we headed  off for a family holiday to the south of France. We stayed in the same place as last year as it was just so relaxing. The villa is in the middle of nowhere, and living in the country you'd think that we'd head somewhere with a bit of life, but no, we wanted total peace and quiet. You certainly get that at "la cressonniere" . Apart from the angry cockerel that woke us last year, there is little to disturb. It's been a rough few weeks at work, so we wanted to put the thoughts of work as far to the back of our mind as possible.

I realised that I started my blog exactly 1 year ago this week. Happy birthday to me! In hindsight I should have organised a give away, but in the usual dis-organised melee I never got around to it, I promise one to come!

A Maxi dress are a must on holiday! I hate feeling un-comfortable in restrictive clothing, so this just out Lottie maxi dress is just lovely. It is quite fitted on top, with a loose fitting skirt with double slits up the side to add a little sexiness. 

I adore French life. I have lived in France and I feel really at home with the culture, the people and the lifestyle. They seem to enjoy life more than we do in the UK. I know that we jest about the short working weeks in France and the strikes, but they do have something right and that is life is more important than work. 
I love bread, cheese and wine, I think I must be part French.

This dress is amazing. I feel like such a girl with a long flowing skirt, yet sexy side slits. The apricot and black colours are beautiful and not your usual combination. 

Pass the vino, it's wine o'clock for me 


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