How to have a blog, but keep a personal life
 it possible?

Before you start to read this post, please don't expect an answer to my question. I'm afraid I don't know the answer.
This is a subject which has bothered me for some time now, but really hit home yesterday. I'll go on to explain. How can you keep a blog which is personal and about your every day life and feelings, but still keep a personal life? Is it possible? Maybe not. I guess you could argue if you choose you be so public, then you can't expect any privacy. Such as a celebrity. How often have you thought, well they choose to lead this life, so they can't expect privacy? 
Everyone has some one they wouldn't really want reading their blog. It could be an ex, a partners ex, colleagues at work or just someone that they don't like, how do you stop them prying into your personal life? 
We all have our own reasons for starting a blog. For me, started as a way of promoting my on line store, but then I really got involved in the blogging community and found that I loved talking about fashion, well I guess taking in general! For many it's a diary, which really helps them to get through everything that is going on in life. What happens when some one tries to use this personal information against you.
You may wonder how this topic has come up. To be honest, it has been on my mind for a long time. I am always conscious that there is that one person reading the blog who is going to use the information against me. Not that I have anything that interesting going on in my life, nor doing anything that exciting that they should really be bothered, but people can be nasty. I can only think there is not enough going on in their own lives that they have to be bothered about what is going on in others.
This subject really same to light yesterday when I found out that my boss had been reading my work e-mails. He is entitled to do so, they are just for work, but after being at the company for 7 years and having good sales year on year, I was quite upset that he had done this. I felt betrayed and very offended. To cut a long story short, it all came down to my blogging. He wanted to see how much time I spent on it. I confronted him. After a long discussion, the comment was made, "I cannot see how you possibility have time to blog, have a family and do your job effectively". Gob smacked is not the word. This has all come from the fact I have had a few months of bad sales. Not due to my neglect, but outside factors totally out if my control, but my blogging seems to used as a reason!
I feel totally deflated. Part of me thinks that I should give up the store and the blogging, but then I am giving in to these bullies. 

I work so hard in my job. If I had a choice I would dedicate so much more time to my "hobbies", but as it is I only get to post 1-2 per week. 
So, I guess I am putting the question out there. How can you keep your blog personal, your own, but keep un wanted busy bodies out? I would love to hear, because I sure as hell don't know.
For those of you how enjoy prying into others life, my only suggest is GO AND GET ONE!!!


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