What makes a good blog?

This is a question every blogger thinks. What makes a good blog? How can I make my blog more appealing?
I am by far no expert. I don’t have the highest viewings and I don’t have a massive following. We all have our own reasons for writing a blog, each one personal, but at the end of the day we write it for someone to read it. So how can we make it more readable?

When I started my blog a year ago I sent hours and hours researching subjects. I tried to get facts and figures and give a very detailed post. I was surprised when these posts weren’t not that popular and it left me feeling deflated as though I had wasted my time. So what do people want to see? Based on my 1 year of experience, these are my thoughts…

·        Good photography

Everybody loves eye candy. Good clear images are vital to make a good blog. I could never have imaged how important images are. In fact I would even say, it is the most important aspect to a "popular" blog. People like to SEE what you're talking about and something that is attractive to the eye is more attractive in general.

Make it readable and relevant

You need to ask yourself, "if I was the reader, would I want to read this? Or, "if I were in a shop, looking for a magazine, which headlines would stand out to me?". It has to be something people can relate to. It might not appeal to everyone, but if you find it interesting you can be sure others will. A good example if weight loss. Many women can relate to it and on the whole women are interested in any new "miracle diets which will help shed the pounds. When I first started my blog I went to great lengths to have facts and figures about topics and realised that no one was really that interested. I thought about it and thought, yeah I've done my research, but would I really be that interested in reading it and the answer was no.

Give your blog personality

Blogs are personal. Each one different with a unique style. Generally readers want to know who is writing it. You want to feel like you know the person who is writing it. Of course it should be well written, but don't stress about making it sound like a piece from the Daily Telegraph, it's a blog, not your doctorate dissertation, you will not be marked down!

Make it interactive

Keep your blog interactive with the audience as if you are chatting to the reader, asking questions and try and start a dialogue. People like to have their opinions heard and if you have an open blog that invites conversation, people will want to join in.

Don't turn your blog into an advert

OK a great plus point of blogging are the freebies. Whether you admit to it or not, of course it's great when you are invited to review something. However, if everyone of your posts is an advert for something in which you gush about product after product, how can your reader believe what your saying after a while? Reviewing products is great, but review things that you have bought and you genuinely have an un tainted opinion about.

Don't over blog

This is just my opinion, but unless you have all the time in the world on your hands and your head is constantly filled with imaginative, creative, interesting topics it cannot be possible to write post after post. Sure, there will be some days where you are spinning with ideas and just want to write, but there will undoubtedly be periods where you can't think of anything. My advice, have a little break. Wait until you have something interesting to share, don't just post for the sake of it. Remember, unless you are a professional blogger, it is just a hobby and like every hobby you do it for enjoyment, it shouldn't turn into a chore. Once it does, your posts will become dull.

Be social

Interact with other bloggers. Mention them on your blog, they will generally do the same in return and your audience will grow, Blogging is a great, friendly community. If you enjoy some else's blog, talk about it on yours! If will increase your readers and make you more friends.

Well, You may totally disagree with everything that I have said and I may be completley wrong, but these are the points that I have seen during my short time as a blogger. Like everyone, I am always looking to improve, so if you have any comments, or anything to add, I would love to hear it!


  1. I agree with all of these! Especially the last point. I've reached so many more people from talking to people, messaging them personally. It's so much more fun that way.


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