Introducing TFNC

I am always on the look out for a new brand and as it gets closer to Christmas there is more and more demand for party dresses. What better excuse is there to spoil yourself with a new dress for the festive period?

I got approached by TFNC as they thought the brand fitted well with our style and image. I was cautious at first, but I have to say I have astonished at how popular the dresses are. Most of the range has a real party vibe to it. All the clothes scream "take me out and party!". If you like glitz and glamour TFNC is the perfect range.
I always find it hard to choose as my taste is personal and I have to remember that I'm not just buying for my wardrobe, but at the same time I simply cannot buy something that I don't like, even if I think it may be popular. If it doesn't feel right, then I don't buy it. Therefore, all of the dresses have picked are very much "Karen taste". Let me show you a few:

The Elida Dress

This is called The London Elida dress for just £29.99. It's beautiful royal blue colour is very eye catching. It flatters a curvy shape, it's an all year round party dress.

Kristen Dress

Our lovely model wearing the Kirsten dress

This cheeky number has been the most popular so far. I think it's simple, flattering style appeals to all and the rich, gold wide belt adds that instant glamour. I have no doubt this will be a sell out very soon!

The Jessica Dress

The Tamara Dress

I adore lace, I am drawn to it like a magnet, so there's no surprise that I chose these two gorgeous black, lace dresses. Both are a great length and both are sexy in a subtle, elegant way. The ultimate LBD is always great for your wardrobe.


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