Lingerie completes the outfit

An interesting guest post from Mary demonstrating how clothes can replaced by underwear:-)

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Fashion Trend:  Lingerie as Clothes

Celebrities have been doing it for years.  Carrie Bradshaw made it look flawless and Courtney Love practically made a career out of it.  Other celebrities like Fergie, Lady Gaga and Rihanna have been seen sporting the look over and over again, even as evening wear.  Have you been able to guess the trend?  Lingerie as clothes or underwear on the outside.  If you’ve already dismissed the idea, you should give it another thought.  Many designers have already incorporated the trend into their fall and spring collections, so it’s not going away any time soon.  The curvier you are, the better the trend looks, so if you wear plus size bras, then this look just might be for you.

Lady Gaga, famous for her suggestive outfits

Slip Dresses

As mentioned earlier, Courtney Love made this look very popular in the 90’s during the height of the grunge era.  Love’s look is a bit too sexy for most since she typically wore lighter coloured nighties.  You won’t be able to walk into a department store this fall without seeing racks upon racks of more modern versions of this dress.  In some cases though you might not even have to look any further than your lingerie drawer.  To pull off this look tastefully, opt for a darker coloured slip dress, such as black or burgundy. It’s also important to watch the length of the dress since in many cases lingerie tends to be shorter.  Don’t be afraid to pair it with thick leggings, boots, and a chunky sweater coat.  The mixing of textures is a great way to add a bit of femininity to an otherwise bulky look.

Sheer Lace

If you’ve tuned into any recent red carpet event, then you’re likely to have seen this look.  Designers like Gucci, Michael Kohrs, and Dolce and Gabana have crafted beautiful sheer lace dresses and tops that celebrities can’t get enough of.  These fashions are to be worn with bras and panties that can be seen through the clothing.  In most cases these looks are for the very daring, but you can incorporate the look into your repertoire by opting for more modest versions that come with built in camisoles or slip dresses.  You will still get the beautiful effect of the sheer lace on your arms, neck, and back.

Peek-a-boo Blazers

A great way to turn a boring business blazer into a sexy evening look is to go for the peek-a-boo look.  This look is achieved by pairing any beautiful, preferably lacey, bra with a blazer.  Simply button the bottom of the blazer up, leaving just the top of your bra exposed.  Clearly the look of one of your most ornate plus size bras showing is not suitable for work.  This look should be saved for an evening out on the town with girlfriends or man in your life.

This hot fall and winter trend has something in it for everyone.  It’s a great way to showcase all of that beautiful lingerie you’ve collected over the years.  Just remember to pick a version of the trend that you’re comfortable with so that your confidence soars.

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