Sugarhill Beauty Blouse

How cute is this "Beauty Blouse" from Sugarhill Boutique?

I haven’t done an outfit of the day for a while, so Hana took a few sneaky shots of what I wore for the office today. It was a bit of a laid back look for the office I must admit, but I had a bad, bad morning! Scarlett woke early, spilt an entire bottle of Ribena on the floor and then proceeded to poo on the carpet. Oh the joys of potty training! She then blew her nose so much with toilet issue she blocked the toilet. Ian was also full of cold, so I was flying solo. I have a bit of a “foody week” , i.e. haven’t stopped eating, so I couldn’t face a dress. It was a jeans day.

Sugarhill Beauty Blouse in Cream and Mango jeans

I bought these jeans from Mango a couple of weeks ago, they are über comfortable. Very loose fitting and such an easy wear. I dressed it up with this amazing Sugarhill Boutique purchase. It is part of the Christmas collection, only just out. It is so simple and elegant and goes well with jeans, trousers or dressed up with a pencil skirt. The fine beading detail gives it a Christmas party feel. It is such a pretty, delicate top. I love the elegant jewel detail that makes it so unique. It has moved away from the usual Sugarhill style, but kept as beautiful as ever. I finished the outfit off with a Mango black and grey pin stripe blazer and simple black court shoes.

We are heading off to view a house this evening, from the pictures it just looks amazing and will give us that extra space that we need, especially if we think about further additions in the future. There is a play room and a sun room for Scarlett, so I just hope it is as good as it looks. Will keep you posted!


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