My Winter Wonderland Coat

I decided to treat myself to another new coat. I just love coats. I have far too many, but I like to have colours and styles to match my outfit and my mood! I came across this pretty pink beaut in Topshop and wanted it so much, but couldn't justify another coat and more to the point, I couldn't hide another coat from Ian. Then last week during a horrific Xmas shopping expedition for last minute pressies I saw it again and thought, what the hell and bought myself a Christmas present:-)

Pink fuffy swing coat from Topshop

This coat is from Topshop, who just seem to be getting better and better. I am loving their style at the moment. This pink, fluffy swing coat is quite sixties which I just adore. It is uber cute and girly especially when teamed up with a simple bobble hat. I feel like a real little snow princess in my new fluffy coat!


  1. I'm loving these coats at the minute, they look so warm. Love the colour as well!

  2. I know! Going shopping in Manchester tomorrow, hope I don'tget tempted by anything in the sale! x

  3. Great outfit - the coat is lovely! :)

  4. Gorgeous coat! You look lovely,
    L xo


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