Do Celebrity "Yummy Mummy's set us un-realistic goals?

The original skinny yummy mummy
Heidi Klum, 6 weeks after giving birth
Anyone who has had a baby knows that you put on weight. I don't mean baby weight, I mean fat weight. I considered myself to be careful about what I ate when I was pregnant. I continued to exercise, but only very gently. I was determined not to become a McDonald's muncher wearing sweat pants and Ugg boots, and I never did. I heard many different theory's about how much more you should eat whilst pregnant. The doctors believe that it should only be the equivalent to about one extra slice of toast per day, and that is in your last trimester! That's crazy. I was hank marvin by the end of my pregnancy. You cannot help but increase your food and no matter what any body says, it is comforting to eat chocolate, sweets, crisps...whatever your comfort food is. Despite the fact you know that as soon as that baby is born you have to stop eating as much, you can't help but have in the back of your mind, "well, I am pregnant". I am sure that there are the exceptions, but I would say for the average woman, we add a few extra, non baby pounds post pregnancy. So, why do celebrities not have the same cravings, or the same urges to eat and generally relax a little? Or are they that disciplined that they can simply control this?

I remember my first few days after giving birth. For someone who generally puts quite a bit of time and effort in my appearance, it was not top priority. My belly bulged like I was still a few months gone. My hair started to fall out at a rapid rate. I was, of course, exhausted! Like never before. I did not venture further than the local shop. So, how on earth do these celeb "yummy mummy's" appear shopping within a couple of weeks looking bright, sparkly and back in size 8 jeans?

I look at Heidi Klum, she was modelling in her bikini just six weeks after giving birth! Victoria Beckham is famous for giving birth and looking skinner then ever soon after.
As Scarlett slept I took advantage of my spare time and caught up on my celeb "trashy" mags. There seemed a never ending paparazzi trail of stunning women who had just given birth. I could help but feel like a real slob. I felt un-happy about the way my body looked. I started thinking that what my strict eating regime should be and when I could start to exercise. Why did I feel like this when I should have been loving every minute of my new life. I should have been absorbed by my new role as a mother and not when I could start running again.
I am sure that many women feel like this. I genuinely do not understand how these women can physically  get their body into the sizes that they do in such a short space of time.
I think as women, we really get the short end of the straw. Not only are we the ones to ruin our body and have to actually go through the pain of giving birth, but the media and celebs now make us feel as though we need to look beautiful and back to our pre pregnancy size straight away.
Scarlett and I
Please, please glossy mags can we have some pictures of celebrities who took their time returning to their pre body and enjoy being a mummy instead?


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