Kate has a baby boy! Post pregnacy outfits, a major dilemma!

B.Young Maxi dress and
B.Young denim jacket
Everyone is super excited about the arrival of the new royal baby boy!  I am not a royalist, to be honest, I am indifferent. I have no issue with having a royal family, I watched Kate and William's wedding, like the rest of the world and enjoyed it, but I won't be organising any street parties or have bunting hanging outside my house any time soon. However, a new baby? Very excited!   Anyway, as I felt a bit sorry for Kate today as she endured her very long labour, she also had the pressure of knowing all of the world was waiting for the birth. A flock of photographers sat outside the hospital desperately hoping to be the first to get the news into the media. This lead me to think about the dilemma many women face after giving birth, what should I wear?
If the baby is born in winter, it makes it slightly easier as you can hide in over size jumpers and maternity jeans, but summer time is so much more difficult! Everyone is keen to expose their tanned bodies and you are doing your best to cover yours. Your body is no longer pregnant, but far from your pre pregnancy body. You also have other issues to contend with such as leaking nipples, nice! It is all too sexy. So, what to wear? Most women do not want to wear their maternity clothes, from my experience maternity wear is dull, shapeless and very expensive. If most women are like me, you want to get back to feeling like a woman after 9 months of your body not being your own. So, how to dress like a woman, but be practical and cover those bulging bits? I think a maxi dress is the way to go. Generally they are over sized, so hide your tummy totally, they have thin straps to easy if you are breastfeeding. If you are feeling self conscious you can cover with a thin denim jacket. See above a great combo, roomy maxi dress teamed with a light denim jacket.
Another great dress is this denim dress, it pulls in very lightly around the waist, but gives ample room around the middle to cover any bulges.
Brighten it up with a bold, bright bag which are very easy to find and on trend at the moment. There is a huge choice, even be daring and add a bit of neon! If you are feeling a little more conservative and want to draw attention away from your body how about add a fab statement necklace?
The great thing is all of these can be worn for all the summer months.
I am sure that Kate will be back to her pre pregnancy shape in no time! Anyway, congratulations Kate and William!!! ....what do we think he will be called? My bet is George Louis.


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