It's raining, but it's hot-! How to dress in the English summertime

The weather is a constant conversation in the UK, but come on, we love it! It does make me chuckle how we moan and whinge constantly that it rains too much or we have poor summers, but what has happened recently? We are all moaning that it has been too hot! Well, it looks like it has changed again into a humid, muggy temperature. I must admit, this I am not a fan of.
The biggest issue I have is, what shall I wear? It seems wrong to wear summer dresses when it is raining! I had a good rummage in my wardrobe today and it look me ages to find something that I was happy with.
The result was this relaxed combo. A beautiful Sugarhill, cream and lace shift dress, and a cropped, fitted B.Young denim jacket, to complete the look, a aqua green triangle statement necklace and a large, reef Missco girl satchel, which is very on trend at the moment. I am not a real fan of flat shoes, although I have certainly had to re think the 6inch stilettos since Scarlett was born, so a nice cork, heel wedge is a happy medium. I still have a bit of a tan post holiday, so this outfit is a fab way to show it off! I am very happy with my choice, still in the summer mood, but a jacket in case it turns and a large satchel to carry daily essentials, including an umbrella!

What was your choice for today?
 Sugarhill Laila dress, B.Young denim jacket, triangle necklace and reef satchel



  1. Hey, I love your blog great work ;) Please come check mine out, if you decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back :) XxXx

  2. Hi Nessie, Thanks:-)
    I just checked it out, fab. I may have to steal the skirt and statement necklace you have on today tho! xxx

  3. Lovely dress and I absolutely adore that bag! That blue is gorgeous.
    Also, Scarlet Fashion is amazing. I've just checked out the website. Good work :D
    I love discovering new fashion pieces/boutiques.

  4. Hi, thank you so much for your kind comments!
    Looking forward to talking to you again


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