Make a Statement with Jewellery

Statement jewellery is very on trend at the moment. I have always loved my chunky jewellery and think it is a great way to add a touch of bling to an outfit. For my birthday I received a great assortment of Topshop statement necklaces. They are not the cheapest, but I do love them. I have now got a  bit of a statement jewellery obsession and regularly adding to my collection:-)
I decided to add a few to our range so looked at Paisie jewellery and picked a few necklaces to try.
Ocean Blue Necklace

Ocean Blue Necklace
 I think this my favourite of all! It is the right size to not over power, but certainly make a statement. I find the colours beautiful and perfect for summer. It is made up of a fusion of 5 aqua shades, a sea like mixture of turquoise, white, mint, aqua and deep blue. It is made up of ribbon entwined around an chunky gold chain. I was surprised that it was quite light, rather than weighing me down.

Summer Forest Necklace
The Summer Forest necklace is a good accessory to go with a outfit than requires something more delicate. It reminds me of an Egyptian style necklace that was perhaps worn by Cleopatra. It is cluster of small multi colour rainbow beads held together by a thick gold chain. Again, it is a real summer piece. Perfect for warm evenings with a feminine dress.
Statement Gold Collar Necklace
This is a real statement piece. It is an "art deco" fan style necklace. It is made up of gold and multi coloured shards. It hangs just above the bust, ideal for a strapless dress. Again, I was surprised how light it was as it looked like a very heavy piece!
If you like any of these you can find them on line  at Scarlett Fashion


  1. These necklaces are lovely Karen! Love statement pieces at the moment and the colours are perfect.

    Loving the blog!

    Katie xx

  2. Thanks Katie! I have a competition going on FB and Twitter at the moment to win some of them:-)
    Have a good weekend xxx

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  4. Statement jewellery is very on trend at the moment. I have always loved my chunky jewellery and think it is a great way to add a touch of bling to an outfit. pearl pendant

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